Tomasz Zawadzinski – Saved as


Released: 2009 By Ziemowit Poniatowski

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  1. The SearchMP3 soundclip of Search [0:29]
  2. Millions Of StarsMP3 soundclip of Millions of stars [0:20]
  3. Analog PulsesMP3 soundclip of Analog pulses [0:29]
  4. Another WorldMP3 soundclip of Another world [0:29]
  5. Beats & PadsMP3 soundclip of Beats & pads [0:29]
  6. Electronic BossanovaMP3 soundclip of Electronic bossanova [0:29]
  7. Rhythmic WavesMP3 soundclip of Rhythmic waves [0:29]

Powerful sequential electronic

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1 review for Tomasz Zawadzinski – Saved as

  1. Igor Wrblewski

    I assume there is not a single devoted Berlin School-fan, who wouldn’t associate the title track The Search” immediately with one of the most enthralling impressions made by Tangerine Dream at the peak of their career. Tomasz Zawadzinski also gives the opener of his newest record “Saved As” such a title and tis a very good sign indeed.
    The album has exactly the Virgin-Years-of-Tangerine-Dream atmosphere

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