Transceive – Transformation 88:98


Released: 2006 By Steven Nelson

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  1. Landscape Of Tomorrow [10:29]MP3 soundclip of Landscape Of Tomorrow [1:50]
  2. Element Of Intrigue [7:38]
  3. Moving Target [4:42]
  4. Biomechanoid [5:37]
  5. Creature Of Legend [6:44]MP3 soundclip of Creature Of Legend [1:37]
  6. The Rebus Tape [8:15]
  7. Delusions [6:32]
  8. Facade [3:15]MP3 soundclip of Facade [1:10]
  9. Eastern Promise [3:59]
  10. The All Seeing Eye [6:48]
  11. Thru Rugged Terrain [7:26]

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1 review for Transceive – Transformation 88:98

  1. Andy King / UK

    1 Landscape Of Tomorrow 10:29 Starts off with raspy breathy synths and Blade runner-like timbres. A slow rhythm starts (a tad like TDs Legend soundtrack). The tension builds, until drums punch in and a rather 80s like Propaganda bass line joins it, over this Steven plays a solid melody, and this is soon joined by new sequences. Over all it reminded me a bit of Mark Shreeve‘s Crash head album, bombastic and melodic with lots of twists and turns building to a ‘Jarre like’ synth solo and a huge rumbling, echoing ending.

    2 Element Of Intrigue 7:38 Starts with an eerie Synergy/Larry Fast like note, over this echoing drums with a mid-paced JMJ arrangement are added. An interesting piano melody is added over yearning synth cries and echoing crashes. The chord and bass line interplay are just brilliant. Once again Steven shows he can craft a great tune, whilst showing he can be influenced by but doesn’t have to copy others, something a few EM artists could learn from.3 Moving Target 4:42 We’re back in Crash head territory here, good stuff (although personally I could have done without the sampled cries). The drums twist from Art of Noise to Kraftwerk and back, whilst metallic sequences push the track forward. The track ends with a brief War zone sample.

    4 Biomechanoid 5:37 A brief atmospheric pads introduces a big stomping 4 on the floor track (think Eat Static jamming with Fluke). A top tune, and if you like upbeat stuff you’ll love it. Is that a sample from the 6 million dollar man I can hear?

    5 Creature Of Legend 6:44 Starts with a BIG FOOT movie sample (hence the titledoh!), a sampled flute melody replaces it, this is soon joined by a big thumping rhythm over Art of Noise like percussion and sampled acoustic guitar sequences. A good solid track.

    6 The Rebus Tape 8:15 An ominous start, this is soon overlaid with an analog like rattling drum pattern, a high sequence and a nice melody (with much pitch bending). Steven uses a great echoed noise effect over a lush minor key chords progression. The piece builds again with a portamento gliding sequence, effects driven drums and a great melody. Brilliant

    7 Delusions 6:32 A totally different track, with ‘right in your face’ drums and TD like sequences (I cant quite place where Ive heard the drum sounds before but theyre great) with old movie clip samples, sequence after sequence are added and the excitement is kept up to until skidding halt for a few bars of piano and then bang! Were back into the sequencer-fest again, this time with an added melody line to close. Another winner for me

    8 Facade (excerpt) 3:15 Sounds like something from Foreign movie thriller (subtitles not needed), bending pads and other hard to place sounds play whilst huge stabs pound in the background. These then die away leaving a breathy melody, over eerie effects (think 1980s TD)9 Eastern Promise 3:59 Begins with an electric piano, but its soon gives way to a more dance influenced feel, complete with snare builds and sampled vocal snippets (the descending piano motif reminded me of TDs more recent work). Good to see Steven trying other styles

    10 The All Seeing Eye 6:48 A totally different track, very much like some of TDs early 80s soundtrack work, all ethereal sinuous pads, (slightly like Remote viewing from TDs album Exit meets Propeller Islands the Secret Convention), phased and echoing, subtle and atmospheric it wouldnt sound out of place on one of the better Fax label cds. Superb.

    11 Thru Rugged Terrain 7:26 A big swirling JMJ pad introduces what might be my favourite track from Transceive ever. A big, bouncy, ‘EM meets Club’ track. For me its got everything, great drums, Propaganda like brass stabs over phased chords, a memorable chord progression and a solid melody.

    2006. Andy King / UK

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