Tranzit – Tranz-rapid


Released: 2002 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Coloured candy [6:23]
  2. Phantasy island [12:46]MP3 soundclip of Phantasy island [3:00]
  3. Pulsarz [10:44]
  4. The lakes of C. [5:23]MP3 soundclip of The lakes of C. [3:00]
  5. Nightshift X [9:51]
  6. Mambo d’electrique [6:27]
  7. A virtual fertility [9:01]
  8. H2O [5:56]MP3 soundclip of H2O [3:00]
  9. Dad’s pillow [8:13]

Versatile with sequences and ambient

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3 reviews for Tranzit – Tranz-rapid

  1. Ronald Boortman / Holland

    Het derde album van Dirk H.J. Nusink uit Hekelingen. Wederom een juweeltje, in tegen stelling tot veel andere artiesten maakt Dirk geen gebruik van ‘samples’, hij heeft er bewust voor gekozen met de hand ( en verstand ) te spelen. Het is een open album dat je graag vaker zal beluisteren. De cover is ook van top klasse kortom; geen enkele reden om dit album in de kast te laten liggen. Draaien en genieten maar.

    2002. Ronald Boortman / Holland

  2. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This 2002 release features 75 minutes of the diverse electronic music of Tranzit (aka Dirk H. J. Nusink).
    Deeply resonant electronics share the mix with airy tonalities and nimble, crystalline keyboards. Intricate E-perc lends compelling rhythms to the lush structure of these tunes. The synthesizers wail and warble, expressing pleasantly shrill riffs that invigorate as they entertain. There is a sparkle to most of the sounds utilized to create this music, a shimmer that is reminiscent of dizzying altitudes where the air is not rarefied but contains a euphoric concentration of oxygen.

    While much of this music is dynamic and frolicsome, an ambient edge emerges every once in a while to pacify the audience. Even these sedate passages, though, possess a melodic presence, as delicate melodies are explored with a subtle pep and verve.Mechanical overtones are tempered with rich humanity, producing music that is spacey but earthy.
    A wide range of styles are displayed on this CD, from hyperactive Berlin School electronics to ambient passages to ethnic-tinged compositions that merge EM sensibilities with World Music. Besides showing Nusink’s versatility, this variety makes this recording of interest to several genres.

    2003. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

  3. Paul Rijkens

    Dirk H.J. Nusink, the man behind Tranzit, explains in the booklet that in his opinion electronic music is the hardest style to explore.
    This, because it is so open to any form of interpretation or creative process. This is completely true because with electronic music you can go in every direction. And that is also what Dirk does on Tranz-Rapid.
    Just as on his earlier albums Voyage and Tranzversal, Tranz-Rapid is also an album with a huge variation of styles.

    The opening piece Coloured Candy” reminds of the music Tangerine Dream created in the eighties because of the rhythms and beautiful sounds. Because of Dirks background as a drummer

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