Tronestam, Johan – Planet X The 2018 Version

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Released: 2019 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Contact [5:08]
  2. Evidence of life beyond Earth [7:04]
  3. How to answere [5:24]
  4. Response [5:08]
  5. Reflections [5:46]
  6. The Star arpeggiator [6:52]
  7. They have been here erlier [6:40]
  8. Closer to knowledge [7:06]
  9. The Linguistic gap (bonus track) [6:44]
  10. Beyond our intellect (bonus track) [4:48]
  11. Planet X (bonus track) [5:38]

Cool sequences in the Schulze style with nice melodies. Now as factory pressed CD

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1 review for Tronestam, Johan – Planet X The 2018 Version

  1. Sylvain Lupari / Canada

    Composed in the wake of The Island, Planet X gets a new sound skin that satisfies a little more the musical vision of Johan Tronestam in 2018 than in 2010. And we can easily understand this need for remastering and the feelings of the Swedish synthesist because the sound fauna of this album, as much at the level of its evolutionary rhythms than its ambiances, is nourished of a diversity which is clearly heard in the different passages of this album proposed in downloadable format and in 24 Bits remaster. As the title suggests it, the listener is immersed in a cosmic universe with a series of titles focused on the concept of communication with aliens. At this level, the game of synths is quite in the tone with tasty extraterrestrial intonations while the ambio-cosmic decor is firmly established by good effects whose research is undeniable. In summary! A very good album of intelligent cosmic rock with subtly evolving rhythms which are not al i ke from one title to another but are nevertheless from the same genes.

    Lively and melodious, Contact” starts Planet X in mode dance. The rhythm is sharp and jerky with a series of spasmodic sequences which flow in a hatched cadence. The ambiospheric elements consist of stroboscopic filaments slightly harmonious and fascinating electronic trumpets which sound very Jean-Michel Jarre. “Evidence of life beyond Earth” follows with an ambio-cosmic introduction where a synth sings an ectoplasmic alien chant. The rhythm structure emerges after 60 seconds. A space-rock rhythm which is soft

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