Tronestam, Johan – Roots and Legends from the North


Released: 2013 By Team Quasar

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  1. Secrets from the northern heights
  2. Mountain poems
  3. Nordic legends
  4. Opening a door to the past
  5. Closer to the ancient truth
  6. The ancient pulse still beats
  7. Brave souls
  8. Traces of a forgotten time
  9. Dominate
  10. Roots and Legends end title

The second album of Johan filled with wonderful tracks. It goes back to legends and mystical creations of forgotten times.

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1 review for Tronestam, Johan – Roots and Legends from the North

  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    After Far Away, an album which had seduced by its refreshing approach of a universe prepared by Jean Michel Jarre, Johan Tronestam makes a strong comeback with an album inspired by the legends of the nomads from the Scandinavians countries. Roots and Legends from the North presents a pallet of 10 very melodious and lively tracks with heavy, loud and powerful rhythmic structures. Movements of pure rhythm which follow evolutionary tangents where the primary pulsations are flooded by sequenced arcs which free some nice jumping keys in forms as diversified as harmonious. Synths are poetic. Torn between their soft solos, they blow sometimes warm and sometimes dark winds where voices of any forms tell poems, disturbing or comforting, in the trails of splendid solos which awake the intergalactic ambiences of Jarre and the poetic ones of Vangelis.

    Secrets from the Northern Heights” begins this Johan Tronestam’s 3rd opus with glaucous pulsations which stroll in a state of wandering among weak explosions of which the knocks are suffocating below a dense veil of mystery. From the start

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