Ulrich Schnauss – Missing deadlines


Released: 2016 By Rocketgirl

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  1. Setting Sun [3:45]
    Original by: Howling Bells
  2. Ghost In The Graveyard [4:20]
    Original by: A Sunny Day In Glasgow
  3. Faithful Friend [5:35]
    Original by: Katharina Franck
  4. Out To Sea [6:21]
    Original by: Madrid
  5. Strawberries [3:46]
    Original by: Asobi Seksu
  6. Remembrance [4:35]
    Original by: Dragons
  7. Halo [5:24]
    Original by: Aus
  8. Supervitesse [5:30]
    Original by: Mahogany
  9. Lunz [5:10]
    Original by: Lunz (Roedelius & Tim Story)
  10. Coastline [5:25]
    Original by: Rachel Goswell
  11. Chinese Letter [5:42]
    Original by: High Violets
  12. Story Of The Eye [4:24]
    Original by: Mark Gardener
  13. Make Sense And Loose [4:49]
    Original by: I’m Not A Gun
  14. Bluebird Of Happiness [10:02]
    Original by: Mojave 3

Excellent compilation of Schnauss remixes

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  1. JC from Paris

    Excellent compilation for those who didn’t want to track the 12 or cd singles that included these remixes. Too bad the best Ulrich Schnauss remixes are not there : Sia “Breathe me”

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