V/A – Ambient nation vol.2


Released: 1995 By Art for Ears

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  1. VENJA – Afloat [5:29]
    Percussion and synthesizers by Venja – recorded at the Wetland Studio – 1995
  2. VIDNA OBMANA – Shamanistic return [6:43]
    Instruments: electronics, loops, cymbals, claves, shells, rainstick, ocarina and chanting.
  3. FRANK QUASAR – Angkor [5:47]
    Angkor is a musical expression describing the magnificent temple complex.
  4. PATRICK KOSMOS – Fourteen ways to a veritcal take-off [6:24]
    Featuring Alain Raes: additional percussion.
  5. FRANK DEBOOSERE – Gemini twice [5:33]
    Frank is a professional weather forecaster who likes some high pressure music as well.
  6. ALAIN WYMEELS – The snake and the bellydancer [5:26]
    Moving towards each other, merging into each other, becoming one.
  7. WALTER CHRISTIAN ROTHE – Insomnia [7:07]
    Voice by Hannah Shenish.
  8. YPSWAY – Silences of love [5:05]
    Composed and performed by Ypsway.
  9. LEV SISTER – Rainbow [5:49]
    Relaxing mind and body… Enjoy it!
  10. CARL DESEYN – Fading Horizon [4:51]
    Trying to capture the intensity of the sunset and the day end.
  11. MAJOR MINOR – Morphing waves [6:00]
    Composed and performat by Major Minor in 1995.
  12. EMMANUEL TUTS-SCHIEMSKY – Bedouin caravan [5:22]
    Devoted to all places on earth which seem to be fading away.
  13. SYMBIAN – Incantation [5:55]
    Composed and performed by Peter de Backer and Johan van den Abeele.

Vidna Obmana, Venja, Walter Christian Rothe, Frank Quasar, Symbian, Patrick Kosmos ++

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