V/A – Ambient nation vol.5


Released: 2018 By Art for Ears

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  1. Synodic Wave – Drone [10:34]
  2. Rhea – Je Me Suis Tromp� De Voie Lact�e [8:00]
  3. Owann – Dawn of a New Day [7:04]
  4. Nisus – Second Summer [8:00]
  5. Zer0 – Sumitomo Soylent Revision [5:02]
  6. Sensory++ – Skinny dipping on Enceladus [8:00]
  7. Hoshin – Fault [7:54]
  8. BySenSes – Native [8:40]
  9. Pieter Vermeyen – Tryggja [5:21]


  10. Age – Light Arrows [8:20]
  11. Lounasan – A Brief Look Into The Past [8:53]
  12. Alain Pierre – Dante’s Embrace [8:20]
  13. Frank Deboosere – Alfa 14 [4:12]
  14. Sebastopol – All In The Mind [4:32]
  15. Alienna – The Task of Sisyphos pt. 1 [5:21]
  16. Dirk Serries – Origin [7:25]
  17. Serge Devadder – Toteninsel [4:15]
  18. Galactic Underground – Sky Ripped (Live) [7:12]
  19. Sonmi451 – Event [6:54]


  20. Nothing But Noise – No Wave � [11:21]
  21. Earthwave – Mirage [7:19]
  22. Syndromeda – About The History Of History [8:00]
  23. Analogic Synthism – Final Stage [8:30]
  24. The Rosswell Incident – Spin-Off [8:26]
  25. Karl Hefner & Hugh Lagerfeld – Broken Shadow [8:25]
  26. Aerodyn – Tyes [5:32]
  27. Onsturicheit – Het Irrationele Denken [7:43]
  28. Jovica Storer – Sweet Mocha [6:53]

Great sampler by some of the finest Belgian EM artists Digipack de-luxe edition in a super limited edition of 300 copies only! 3 CDs with stunning music

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1 review for V/A – Ambient nation vol.5

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    Here is an audacious compilation that includes all the gratin of sonic creators from Belgium. Started in 1994, the Ambient Nation project is the brainchild of a handful of creative musicians in order to promote the EM in Belgium. Frank Quasar, Patrick Kosmos, Venja, Symbian and Frank Deboosere were the big names behind this project which was realized by Venja’s label; Art For Ears. A second compilation arrived in the tubs the following year with more artists including Vidna Obmana and Walter Christian Rothe. Entitled Ambient Explorer, the third compilation arrived 3 years later, while the genre hit a first hollow wave. It was not until 20 years later that Ambient Nation 4 arrived in the tubs in 2014. This time, there is something new. New names such as Sensory ++, RHEA, BySenSeS and even Neuronium (sic!) were added to those known, and others less known, while the music is also distributed by B-Wave, a non-profit organization led by Johan Gee n s, which is also connected to the famous B-Wave festival and Mark De Wit’s spectacular Cosmic Nights events. AMBIENT NATION 5 rakes wider by proposing not less than 3 CDs gathering all the spheres of the modern EM from Belgium. This triple compilation was presented as part of the B-Wave Festival held on December 1st, 2018 and offers nearly 3:30h of new sound treats well wrapped in coating of ambient music and of cosmic ambiences, music pushed by waves of reverberations and by oscillations, post-synth-pop and Art Music, while courting the French and Berlin School. In short, a range of as many genres as talents divided by 3 categories; Black, Gold and Red.

    More ambient and quite experimental with a delicate touch of Berlin School, the Black CD begins with the symphony for ambient buzz of Synodic Wave. Near the cosmos, Drone” is a river of migratory vibrations that offers an ambient and comforting soundscape. RHEA continues this quest for ambient drone effects with “Je me Suis Tro mp De Voie Lacte” which ends with a beautiful and harmonic ambient Berlin School I like the music of RHEA that I’m discovering slowly. Owann follows and displays a high seraphic level with “Dawn of a New Day”. A stream of rotating and repetitive sequences surrounds our ears with an ambient melody to which angelic voices and intense orchestrations are grafted. The finale is simply delicious. “Second Summer”

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