V/A – E-Day 2011

Released: 2011 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Rene Splinter – Bahnhof Zoo [4:29]
  2. Remy – Shadows of Ignorance [16:34]
  3. Erik Wollo – Ataraxia 1 [7:33]
  4. Erik Wollo – Ataraxia 2 [7:38]
  5. Rene Splinter – Tunnel Vision [9:13]
  6. Harald Grosskopf & Friends (Sunya Beat) – E-Day live 1 [9:13]
  7. Harald Grosskopf & Friends (Sunya Beat) – E-Day live 2 [9:14]
  8. Harald Grosskopf & Friends (Sunya Beat) – E-Day live 3 [6:36]
  9. Rene Splinter – Lemniscate Live [8:12]

Unique tracks by Erik Wollo, Remy, Harald Grosskopf and Rene Splinter

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2 reviews for V/A – E-Day 2011

  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com

    A spring event very appreciated by EM fans of the grand region of Eindhoven in the Netherlands the E-Day festival, quite as the E-Live festival, also attracts hundreds of spectators from all around the world. E-Day 2011 was on its 6th edition and presented performances by Ren Splinter, Remy, Erik Wllo and Harald Grosskopf. Once again the organizers, Kees Aerts and Ron Boots, succeeded in presenting a festival high in tones where Berlin School goes alongside more progressive and more atmospheric music, while reminiscences of Tangerine Dream of the 80s were also very present. And, as every year, Groove label produces a CD which wants to be a souvenir and an excellent window while being a complement to this festival where each artist offers unreleased music. Its a nice collector’s item for these fans of the artists performing on this festival and for those who want to discover them.

    If you are a Tangerine Dream fan, mostly the Schmoelling years, Ren Splinter will know how to get your interest. Bahnhof Zoo” is a superb track pulled out of the Exit and Thief years with a strong rhythmic influence of Kiev Mission. All that you will hear from this track will return you unmistakably in the core of this period. With its metallic chords

  2. Martina und Klaus Schneiders / Germany

    Eure gute Organisation haben leider viel zu wenige Zuschauer/Zuhrer erlebt. Harald war fr uns das absolute Highlight. Liegt das an unserem Alter? Auch Erik Wollo war voll nach unserem Geschmack. Leider haben wir Rene Splinter nicht auf der 1. Etage besucht. Ein groer Fehler.

    2011. Martina und Klaus Schneiders / Germany

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