V/A – E-Live 2009


Released: 2009 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Stephan Whitlan – <att!3279>Drive-FDM [14:13]MP3 soundclip of Drive-fdm (whitlan) [3:00]
  2. Faralley – <att!5429>P-W-M-C [7:12]MP3 soundclip of P-w-m-c (faralley) [3:00]
  3. Brendan Pollard & Hashtronaut – <att!6832>Analogue Satourn [27:43]
  4. Der Spyra – <att!1357>Sucrology (excerpt) [12:11]MP3 soundclip of Sucrology (spyra) [3:00]

Unique tracks by Stephan Whitlan, Spyra, Brendan Pollard and Farallay

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2 reviews for V/A – E-Live 2009

  1. Paul Rijkens

    E-Live is an electronic music festival, held every Autumn in the beautiful village Oirschot in the South of The Netherlands. Together with E-Day, which is organized each Spring, this is the biggest electronic festival in the world. E-Live has its roots in the now legendary KLEM-Day, a festival that already started in 1988. Actually, the first two KLEM-Days were held in Best and that is at very close distance from where E-Live is situated nowadays so in a way you can say that everything has come full circle. Just as is the case with E-Day, E-Live also attracts spectators from countries all over the world. It is not only a place where you can see great EM-concerts but it is also a gathering of lovers of serious EM.
    E-Live is organized by Kees Aerts and Ron Boots who are also the guys behind the biggest electronic music label in the world, Groove Unlimited. The 2009-version of E-Live had some very interesting concerts with various styles from Wolfram Spyra, Brendan Pollard with his friends Michael Daniel (also known as Hashtronaut) and Phil Booth, Stephen Whitlan and Faralley.

    E-Live 2009 is accompanied by a special limited edition cd with unique music from the musicians that gave concerts at the festival. Irishman Stephen Whitlan gained so much interest from his short concert at E-Day when he played in the band of John Dyson that he was asked for a whole concert at E-Live. His Drive-FDM” is a wonderful sequencer tour-the-force with some great soloing on the MiniMoog.
    Faralley (Dutchman Han Versteeg) played in the small hall at E-Live and raised a lot of attention. “P-W-M-C” is a driving rhythmic track with some fine “fat” solos.
    Brendan Pollard & Hashtronaut (Michael Daniel) bring “Analogue Satourn”. That is a well chosen title because their music is as close to classic “retro” as can be with big sequences

  2. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2010 offers 61 minutes of electronic music.
    An anthology release offering tracks by…

    Stephan Whitlan: Surging pulsations are peppered by spiraling tones, leading to a wondrous vista of mesmerizing keyboards that gradually flourish in velocity and complexity, ultimately reaching a satisfying pinnacle.
    Faralley: Reedy keyboards establish a dreamy opening that slides into a rhythmic territory flavored with shrill electronics and snappy e-perc…and then reverts to a pensive mode for the track’s conclusion.
    Brendan Pollard & Hashtronaut: This collaborative piece occupies half the bulk of this CD. These guys favor the slow-build mode, starting with abstract electronics which slowly gain cohesion and density until a sparkling spectacle of sequencers is achieved. Nimble-fingers goad keyboards to produce cycles that merge and form riffs of mounting drama. Then an outburst of space guitar enters the flow, boosting the music to cosmic proportion with its dazzling growl. A spacey electronic interlude ensues, leading to a return of agile keyboard loops and another dose of celestial guitar pyrotechnics. Eventually, the glory retreats into a tranquil finale.
    Der Spyra: Bewitching pulsations immediately captivate the listener and immerse them in a realm of surging delight. Dreamy textures give way to an agitated expanse of effervescent cosmic electronics…which persists in evolving into enchanting variations marked by enticing verve. Percussion lends oomph as the flow continues to unfurl a series of attractive surprises.

    A very worthwhile collection.

    2010. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

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