V/A – Gatherings


Released: 2002 By Chuck van Zyl

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  1. The ministry of inside things – While the rest of the world sleeps [5:44]MP3 soundclip of While the rest of the world sleeps [2:59]
  2. Bionaut – Astral unraveller [5:51]
  3. Ben Neill – Chemistry of 7 [8:38]
  4. Steve Roach – New planet passage [17:16]MP3 soundclip of New Planet Passage [3:00]
  5. Robert Rich – Mosaic [14:52]MP3 soundclip of Mosaic [2:59]
  6. Kevin Bartlett – GDS1 ? Ask Larissa, she knows. [9:50]
  7. Jeff Greinke – Vocal overlay [5:17]

Roach, Rich, Bionaut, Greinke ++

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2 reviews for V/A – Gatherings

  1. Soma611

    Locust Walk pierces the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. With summer break for Penn students still in waning stage, only the occasional straggler and a pleasantly cool August evening breeze accompanied us along the way Sunday evening. What a contrast compared to other traditional post Gathering night strolls over the University Avenue footbridge, when students populate and somewhat confuse the way; and activity brings to life the beautiful walkway. I prefer this summer version. Sunday night, the sky glowed red while only three stars, those of the summer triangle, succeeded in penetrating the haze. Altair, Deneb, and Vega. Locust Walk offers a sense of seclusion from the city. One becomes occupied only by the shrouded sounds of the city and of the tunnel-like view straight ahead, down the cobbled walk, through trees and dimly lit lanterns, while walking away from St. Mary’s. Ancient architecture mixes with sculptures of modern art.

    There’s a bench situated next to one of those huge modern art structures, this one labeled a split button” (and that is exactly what it turned out to be)

  2. Bill Forcier

    Time flies. Its hard to belive that its been 10 years since the first Gathering. The idea of turning a radio show into a live venue for one of the rarest forms of music was bold. There was a framework of people held together by a few hard working radio host’s in the middle of the night. But the thought of expanding and mobilizing that group seemed far fetched. Those were dark days for the philly scene. Star’s End had lost the Friday night show. The station had made moves away from its musical base. The local newsletter was the only other contact we had. And then all the talk was about the good old days”. The occasional show at a local club or a small stage was a major event. Chuck van Zyl and Jeff Towne are not ones to dwell on the past . They set out to show us all that the good old days are the here and now and will only be better if we make it better.

    In those early days Houston Hall was the venue and people made there way to a hard to find auditorium on the second floor

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