Vangelis – Albedo 0.39 (Remasterd)


Released:  Sep 2, 2022

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  1. Pulstar [5:45]
  2. Freefall [2:20]
  3. Mare Tranquillitatis [1:45]
  4. Main Sequence [8:15]
  5. Sword of Orion [2:05]
  6. Alpha [5:45]
  7. Nucleogenesis Part I [6:15]
  8. Nucleogenesis Part II [5:50]
  9. Albedo 0.39 [4:30]

One of a series of remastered and sonically enhanced editions of the Vangelis albums recorded for the RCA and Arista labels. All of which come in deluxe digi-pack designs, with masters personally supervised by Vangelis in 2013. The superb ‘Albedo 0.39’ was Vangelis’ second album to be released by RCA Records and was recorded at Nemo, his personal studio in London, in 1976. This conceptual work, inspired by space and galactic physics, took its name from the planet Earth’s albedo, (the proportion of the light a planet receives that is reflected back into outer space), as it was in 1976. The album features the iconic ‘Pulstar’ and saw Vangelis push the perceived boundaries of the synthesizer as a musical instrument to new dimensions. In addition, Vangelis played a wide variety of other instruments on this stunning work. This Esoteric Recordings release (undertaken with the full approval and supervision of Vangelis himself) features a booklet that restores the original album artwork.

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