Vangelis – Albedo 0.39


Released: 1975 By RCA

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  1. Pulstar [5:45]
  2. Freefall [2:20]
  3. Mare Tranquillitatis [1:45]
  4. Main Sequence [8:15]
  5. Sword of Orion [2:05]
  6. Alpha [5:45]
  7. Nucleogenesis Part I [6:15]
  8. Nucleogenesis Part II [5:50]
  9. Albedo 0.39 [4:30]


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1 review for Vangelis – Albedo 0.39

  1. Ivar de Vries

    This album presents Vangelis in scientific mode and contains a varied selection of high-energy tracks (probably the reason why the two big tunes, Pulstar and Alpha, almost invariably appear on Vangelis compilation albums).

    The longer tracks (Main Sequence and Nucleogenesis) are both jazzy sort of improvisations with Vangelis banging away on drums and the latter also featuring a rather austere church-organ. Alpha is of course an all-time great Vangelis classic, simple yet profound and very well orchestrated. A speaking clock is used imaginatively at a few places on the album and the potentially unremarkable summing up of Earth-related physical constants in the closing track manages to achieve a great climax by having the harmonic resolution coincide neatly with the final constant: the Albedo number (this album-title also lends its name to the Vangelis appreciation society set up by Mark Griffin).

    A very fine album indeed – the ozone-depletion may have shifted the Albedo value of 0.39 a bit after all these years but the music still achieves the maximum 1.0.

    1999. Ivar de Vries

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