Vangelis – China


Released: 1979 By Polydor

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  1. Chung Kuo [5:31]
  2. The Long March [2:01]
  3. The Dragon [4:13]
  4. The Plum Blossom [2:36]
  5. The Tao Of Love [2:44]
  6. The Little Fete [3:01]
  7. Yin & Yang [5:48]
  8. Himalaya [10:53]
  9. Summit [4:30]

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1 review for Vangelis – China

  1. Ivar de Vries

    Even though quite short at some 40 minutes, Vangelis actually manages to capture all the diverse elements of Chinese culture, landscape etc. on this album, at least in the way it comes across to Westerners in the form of the archtypical century-old image: its tortured history (in ‘Chung Kuo’), their whacky side (as in ‘The Dragon’ and ‘Yin & Yang’), the delicacy of their art (as in ‘The Little Fete’), the tranquillity of its country-side (as in ‘The Tao Of Love’), its vastness (in ‘Himalaya’) and probably much more.
    Adding to the atmosphere, the album-cover apparently shows Vangelis himself swimming in sort of jade/turquoise-coloured water.
    The authentic Chinese” sound was designed especially for this album only and manifests itself through the use of gongs

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