Vangelis – Direct -(2 piece Vinyl Coloured)


Released: 2023 By Esoteric

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– 1 –
1. The Motion of Stars
2. The Will of the Wind
3. Metallic Rain
4. Elsewhere
5. Dial Out
6. Glorianna (Hymn a La Femme)

– 2 –
1. Rotation’s Logic
2. The Oracle of Apollo
3. Message
4. Ave
5. First Approach
6. Intergalactic Radio Station

Direct is the 1988 studio album bij Vangelis and is known for its intriguing recording methods. The album was part of Vangelis’ desire to shorten the distance between inspiration and realization of musical composition. This desire is realized by developing a method that allows to compose, arrange, and record simultaneously without the aid of computer pre-programming.

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