Vangelis – Oceanic


Released: 1996 By Warner Brothers

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  1. Bon Voyage [2:33]
  2. Sirens’s Whispering [7:59]
  3. Dreams of Surf [2:43]
  4. Spanish Harbour [6:42]
  5. Islands of the Orient [7:24]
  6. Fields of Coral [7:44]
  7. Aquatic Dance [3:44]
  8. Memories of Blue [5:40]
  9. Song of the Seas [6:12]

Wonderful melodies. Co-produced by Frederick Rousseau

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1 review for Vangelis – Oceanic

  1. Bobby Wright

    Vangelis the master of Electronic Music as far as I am concerned. These two songs are off the Oceanic CD. His genius as a composer and performer ranks him with not only those of today but of yesteryear and I am talking Mozart and his ilk.
    I own all his work at least all those released. He is getting on in years and I wish he would release more music before he gets to old or succumbs and stop with the greatest hit thing ( He has released more of those than the Beach Boys).
    Mike Oldfield is second. Again a master. He work is so involved and integrate. To see not only all the instruments he possesses the ability to play but to implement them all in his music is amazing.

    2004. Bobby Wright

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