Vangelis – Opera sauvage


Released: 1979 By Polydor

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  1. Hymne [2:41]
  2. Reve [12:27]
  3. L’Enfant [4:57]
  4. Mouettes [2:28]
  5. Chromatique [3:25]
  6. Irlande [4:43]
  7. Flamants Roses [11:50]

Beautiful music of a Frederic Rossif film

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2 reviews for Vangelis – Opera sauvage

  1. Ivar de Vries

    Although the album-title could suggest otherwise, there’s nothing operatic about this album as instead it presents a selection of instrumental pieces accompanying Frederic Rossif‘s films, this time supposedly about the diversity of human cultures. Vangelis would later turn the simple tune ‘Hymne’ into a real choral hymn for the Rotterdam concert and ‘Portraits’ album. ‘Reve’ could possibly rival the love theme from ‘Blade Runner’ as the most romantic music Vangelis ever wrote – a very powerful piece in a subtle way. ‘Mouettes’ is a beautifully pure short piece – its clear high-pitched instrumental voice is used on virtually all other tracks as well.All tracks up to the last are very tranquil – ‘Flamants Roses’ starts out in similar fashion aided by some harp-playing by Jon Anderson (strangely enough – I’ve yet to see another occurrence of this on any other of his albums, solo, Yes or otherwise) but after some 5 minutes the musical fireworks are turned on and the album gets closed out with a great dramatic section.

    1999. Ivar de Vries

  2. Kasper Hovgaard / Denmark

    This album is an ideal introduction to Vangelis‘ music. It both contains genuine melodic classics such as Hymne” and “L’Enfant” and more ambient pieces; i.e. the quiet (slightly romantic) “Rve”

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