Victor Cerullo – Loneflyer


Released: 2001 By Groove Unlimited
Condition: 2nd hand

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  1. Loneflyer [4:10]MP3 soundclip of Loneflyer [3:00]
  2. Poetry and Power [5:12]MP3 soundclip of Poetry and power [3:00]
  3. Judgement [2:52]
  4. Jonathan�s theme [8:40]
  5. Above the clouds [9:04]MP3 soundclip of Above the clouds [3:00]
  6. Collision [7:07]
  7. Healing [7:19]

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5 reviews for Victor Cerullo – Loneflyer

  1. Michel / USA

    I think Victor Cerullo is an extremely underrated composer/artist. Truly his three albums: Ludus, Loneflyer and Andre Tarkovsky are more powerful than the music of most artists spanning decades long careers. I would love to hear more music from him though my searches once in a while bring back no new results. To me his music is unique but has elements of Jean Michel Jarre. Loneflyer is an excellent album that takes you on a journey (as do his other albums) great melodies and intricate. The title track is one of the most moving and beautiful pieces ever composed. Thank you Victor. I hope you find the inspiration to make more music. Your work is incredible.

    2018. Michel / USA

  2. GG

    The album opens with ‘Loneflyer’, a measured guitar/synth combination piece rather reminiscent to the title track of Wavestar‘s ‘Moonwind’. Not quite up to that standard, but still good all the same. ‘Poetry and Power’ takes over seamlessly and the opening synth riffs start to hint that this album might be something special – when the track gets going with robust rhythmics and a pleasing, if slightly non-descript, melody the jury remains out but there was something about the opening synth pads, the textures and melodies, which scream class”. This album has not shown its hand yet.

    Track 3 ‘Judgement’ is a weird/atmospheric 3 minute bridge

  3. Jim Brenholts

    Loneflyer is a CD inspired by Richard Bachs Jonathan Livingston Seagull.” Victor Cerullos soundscape would serve well as a soundtrack for this fable about aspiring to be more and about nonconformity allowing the heart and soul to take the physical being beyond conventional reality. Victor soundscape includes symphonic synthesizer washes

  4. Matt Howarth

    This 55 minute CD from 2000 features music inspired by Richard Bach‘s Jonathan Livingston Seagull” novel. (Also included are new versions of two pieces from Cerullo‘s “Ludus” debut CD from 1998.)
    As a result of this inspirational springboard

  5. Keith Adams

    I am now listening to an album that I bought a long time ago. Each time I play it I cannot help thinking just how good this album is.
    But I have hardly ever seen anyone else mention this album.
    Who else owns this album? Does anyone else agree with me that this album deserves more recognition?

    2004. Keith Adams

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