VidnaObmana – River of appearance


Released: 1996 By Projekt

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  1. The Angelic Appearance [5:48]
  2. Ephemeral Vision [8:47]
  3. A Scenic Fall [10:23]
  4. Night-blooming [8:28]
  5. The Solitary Circle [6:17]
  6. Weaving Cluster [5:15]
  7. Streamers of Stillness [7:25]
  8. The Ominous Dwelling [6:35]

Eight atmospheric pieces

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2 reviews for VidnaObmana – River of appearance

  1. Bill Schroeder WEFT / Epiphanies Radio.

    Nothing in Vidna’s previous releases will prepare you for the glories, the passion, and the transcendental beauties of this release. This is a crowning achievement; in the heavenly, soaring, shimmering, meditative vein. This is a must-haverelease for all lovers of space and ambient music.

    1996. Bill Schroeder WEFT / Epiphanies Radio.

  2. Bryan Reesman / ALTERNATIVE PRESS

    Eight atmospheric pieces from the Belgian composer. At times, sparse, pretty piano lines float over shimmering walls of electronics, evoking a melancholic yet romantic feeling. At other moments, cyclical melodies interweave with each other in a slowly moving stream of sound which stirs the imagination. The talented Vidna Obmana continues to evolve and refine his music, now draping his spacey aural atmospheres with more defined melodies.

    1996. Bryan Reesman / ALTERNATIVE PRESS

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