VoLt – A Day Without Yesterday

 9,90 11,90

Released: 2016 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Magnetic Storms on the Event Horizon
  2. Journey Through the Black hole
  3. An Infinity Of Nothingness
  4. Distant Union

A new fresh sound!! And a step back into the past. A more rocking and solid Volt with some powerful guitars!!

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  1. B. Strolenberg / www.sonicimmersion.org

    The title of this album is an alternative name for the cosmic The Big Bang, while the actual track titles describe aspects of the event, especially when wondering whether there is a Black Hole at the other side of a Big Bang. Both are reflected in the artwork for the cd, featuring an interpretation of a Big Bang on the front of the insert and a Black Hole on the reverse.

    The basic tracks for A Day Without Yesterday” were created in the studio and shaped/complemented during a longer period of time

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