VoLt – Circuits

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Released: 2012 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Circuits
  2. Ohms Law
  3. Firewire

A brand new release by VoLt, we waited long for this but it was worth the wait, absolutly brilliant!!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com

    It has been a long time since we heard some new music of Volt. And a little more, we would have even waited for a long time. Possibly forever! Nevertheless the Circuits project was on rails shortly after the superb HjVi, except that some internal problems (in what I believed to understand) as well as Steve Smiths solo project (Phoenix Arising) and Michael Shipways (Journey to Venus and The Three Towers) delayed the finalization of Circuits which was conclude by distance with Ron Boots’ support who did an amazing job on mixing a whimsical album based on electronic tones of all stripes, depicting the microscopic universe of the electronic chips and circuits. Circuits lives by 3 long titles which renew with the long deployments of the minimalist rhythms of Volt, with sequences sometimes docile and sometimes crazy and synths sometimes musical and sometimes aggressive which depict the turbulent universe of Michael Shipway and Steve Smith.

    Short waves’ cracklings and noises, causing interferences in the absolute oblivion, open the labyrinthic meanders of white noises which compose the title-track’s slow introductory path. Some discreet and misty synth waves with a scent of a vague archaic organ float behind these electric phonemes, guiding the abstract ambiences of Circuits” towards a cosmic passage to finally bind themselves to keys dancing in opposite sense. These sequences which play cat and mouse with an embryonic rhythmic draw a virginal approach with ions cavorting under ghostly waves. And abruptly this innocent rhythm collides the barriers of the impassiveness at 12:13 with muffled knockings which hammer a static and heavy rhythm

  2. Pat Murphy / Alien Air Music

    Known for Mid Era synth music, Volt continues this style on Ciruits”. The first song is deep space with sound effects that slowly evolves into sequencer rhythms and layered melodies. “Ohms Law’ follows the same pattern

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