VoLt – Star compass

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Released: 2004 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Escape Velocity [11:10]MP3 soundclip of Escape velocity [3:00]
  2. Hyperspace Drift [20:48]MP3 soundclip of Hyperspace drift [3:00]
  3. Star Compass [22:58]
    1. First Direction
    2. Second Direction
    3. Third Direction
  4. First Contact [10:41]MP3 soundclip of First contact [3:00]

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7 reviews for VoLt – Star compass

  1. Edgar Kogler

    Without allowing themselves to get influenced by the conventionalities associated to Chill-out, the duo Volt creates a series of pieces ideal to let imagination fly freely, yet without falling into an arid minimalism, nor do they become careless with the melodic patterns.
    Star Compass” is Space Music that re-creates the fascination on an interstellar journey.
    Melodies ranging from epic to romanticism

  2. Mark / UK

    Congrats to Mike and Steve. I liked both CD’s very much, a nice change since Spirit of Adventure – anyone interested in the original cover art to Spirit? Keep up the good work

    2004. Mark / UK

  3. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    VoLts sophomore release is a surefooted follow up to The Far Canal, raising the bar with these four lengthy excursions into deep space teutonics.
    A soft yet brisk crystalline sequence brings us to Escape Velocity” as the disc opens in dreamy vintage style. Michael Shipway and Steve Smith deftly avoid tipping their hand too early

  4. Bill Binkelman

    Michael Shipway and Steve Smith (a.k.a. Volt) state in the liner notes to Star Compass Have you ever done something spontaneous like jumping in a car and driving to wherever the road takes you…This was our approach to “Star Compass” where we literally only packed a few sequences in our machines and set off on a trip to wherever it took us…” After hearing this album

  5. Simon Covell / England

    WOW!!! My first introduction to Volt was through an Internet radio station, and the track they played was Hyperspace Drift.
    I listened to it and, whilst I don’t usually listen to this style of music, I was hooked. The song took me on a journey beyond imagination, on an interstellar space cruiser exploring far-flung Galaxy.
    I have since listened to the other songs from the album and would highly recommend it to anyone. Keep up the good work.

    2005. Simon Covell / England

  6. Nick

    Through the Rings is very nice….BUT …Wait untill you hear ”Star Compass” this will blow your socks off boy!!! imo this one is the best ofthe three by far…More of this please Mr Shipway!!!!!!

    2006. Nick

  7. Dennis Moore

    Congrats to Groove for releasing the 2nd Volt album.
    I thought the first one was good , but this is simply amazing.

    2004. Dennis Moore

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