Wahnfried – Drums ‘n’ balls


Released: 2016 By Mig

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  1. Drums ‘n’ Balls [15:33]
  2. Percussy [12:24]
  3. House of India [15:26]
  4. Bass of Orion [13:44]

    Bonus track:

  5. Chicken Biryani [15:21]

Plenty of rhythms

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1 review for Wahnfried – Drums ‘n’ balls

  1. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Drums n Balls from 1997 is an excellent example of crisp synthetic percussion and sequencing. It has a comfortable mesmerizing precision to it. The playful Percussy” can be fun in the right mood.
    The brisk sequencing and ethnic touches make for a scintillating combination in “House of India.”
    This theme is continued on the 15-minute bonus track

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