Waveshape – Arkos


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  1. Electric Night [7:50]
  2. Wolkenhort [4:12]
  3. Over The Clouds – … I Saw A Vision [8:57]
  4. Electric Day [6:05]
  5. Sternenflug [7:03]MP3 soundclip of Sternenflug [3:00]
  6. Deep From Outa Speyz – Voices Of The Lost Souls [4:27]
  7. Surfing On X-Rays [7:03]
  8. This Is Our Mission! [12:23]

Incl. 16 page booklet, several pictures. Modern music with analog gear from Waveshape OVERSTOCK PRICE REDUCTION

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  1. GG / UK

    I know I go on about presentation perhaps too often. Ultimately were buying the music not the sleeve, but I strongly believe that packaging is important and Radium obviously agree. This is a lavishly presented boxed CD with a 16 page A5 comic/booklet containing some stunning imagery and extensive sleeve notes which portray a Space related concept. Unfortunately its all in German so the plot is difficult to pick up!

    Another fact which may be of interest is that this is in fact Waveshape under another name. Waveshapes sound has been drifting towards ambient/dance recently and heres the manifestation of that trend, though it is firmly towards the chill out end of the bpm spectrum. When the rhythms really kick in they are pulsating and the sequences rarely deviate from the complex matrices which they construct. Waveshapes sequencing prowess has obviously been focused on this album to great effect, however after a while I found the less in yer face sections beginning to stand out. Star of the show for me is Wolkenhort which opens with a hugely impressive industrial collage before choice synth sweeps bring to mind expansive canyons on a distant planet. Then a shuffling rhythm emerges to create an unlikely yet inspirational partner. There are some staggering rhythms on this album if youre merciless with the volume control.

    Somehow though I’m still not 100% convinced – except by the presentation.

    2010. GG / UK

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