Wavestar II – Nightwinds

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Released: 2018 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Dragon [8:32]
  2. Eldritch [10:20]
  3. Majesty [4:03]
  4. Track of Time [10:00]
  5. The Velocity of Dark [14:18]
  6. Reprise (For Jack) [7:32]
  7. Nightwinds [21:51]

John Dyson, Paul Ward and Stephen Whitlan are the

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1 review for Wavestar II – Nightwinds

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    Wavestar was a big name of the England School EM style in the 80’s. Consisted of John Dyson and Dave Ward-Hunt, the duet realized 3 albums following this emergence of English artists who were interested more and more in the immense possibilities of a music composed and performed by synthesizers and sequencers. After the mega Moonwind, the duet stopped its activities, John Dyson going solo while Dave Ward-Hunt was more discreet. He changed of cosmic address in 1999. Flanked now by Paul Ward and by Stephen Whitlan, John Dyson resuscitates Wavestar by taking care of sticking II on the famous name who got very good reviews for the Moonwind album, an inescapable in all discography of EM of the Berlin School style and of its derivatives. I savored and adored Moonwind! It’s thus enthusiastically that I waited for this Nightwinds.

    Dragon” begins as if we are opening a big donjon. Hinges squeaking

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