Wavestar – Moonwind


Released: 1987 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Voyager [12:09]MP3 soundclip of Voyager [3:00]
  2. Edge of Morning [9:15]
  3. Cabala [8:54]
  4. Troll Valley [7:30]MP3 soundclip of Troll Valley [3:00]
  5. Moonwind [8:17]MP3 soundclip of Moonwind [3:01]
  6. Chase the Evening [16:56]
  7. For the Whales [13:37]

*classic* album from John Dyson and David Ward-Hunt

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7 reviews for Wavestar – Moonwind

  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synthsequences.blogspot.ca

    Here is an album that I completely ignored when people had extolled it some years ago. It’s been a lot of moons since that I had heard about Wavestar. During my night-explorations and during my chats on Napster in the early 2000’s to be exact (A little reminder here; we had and still have so few information, connoisseurs and music guides and music stores in Canada that the only way of knowing things was with Napster and MSN at the dawn of the 00’s). In these chats I had heard so great things with a great deal of enthusiasm about the band . Some of my new Internet friends had insisted even to say that it was the best EM album made in England. The first one especially to make the charts and to have received very good reviews. I ordered it then at Groove. I didn’t go through the first listening. Voyager” sounded to me as a weak imitation of Tangerine Dream and the very Kitaro style in “Edge of Morning” had totally disillusioned me. Within the framework of the 20th radio show of Murmure du Son

  2. Grard LYQ / France

    I have a nearly 1000 Cds EM collection and everybody knows what German composers represent…especially TD…and for me the best of the best albums remains this one, Moonwind… from UK ! The Wonder of the wonders…. I think I am going to put it alone at the best place in the window by floodlight on it….

    2010. Grard LYQ / France

  3. Alistair / UK

    I just got my CD’s of Moonwind, Zenith and Out Of Time by Wavestar from Groove Unlimited in Holland. It’s so long since I listened to the cassettes I used to have (where the h-ll are those things anyway?).

    Well, guys I just can’t describe the emotion, the nostalgia and the pleasure (not to mention the hairs standing up on the back of my neck) at finally hearing Moonwind again after so many, many years.
    It’s so familiar and friendly that it only seems like yesterday that I listened to it. Every note is there in my head before it even leaves the speakers. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    What am I going to be like by the time I work my way through Zenith and Out of Time. I can’t wait to tell.
    If you have never heard Moonwind by Wavestar you really, really do owe it to yourself to get it. It’s just like Classic Tangerine Dream by a couple of brits…..

    Again. Wow. Wow. Bloody Wow.

    2003. Alistair / UK

  4. Roy

    Have just listened to this album for the first time today and can see why it is so highly rated. Superb throughout. Thank you for re-issueing it. This is the first album I’ve bought on your own label it won’t be the last.

    2004. Roy

  5. Theodoros Sotiropoulos / Greece

    The first time when heard the ‘MoonWind’ my heart pounded with emotion.
    I like so much !!!

    2005. Theodoros Sotiropoulos / Greece

  6. Ray Reis / USA

    This phenomenal album set the standard for electronic music when new age” was not even in the dictionary.
    I originally purchased the Audion edition in the late 80’s at Tower Records in Greenwich Village

  7. Michael / Scotland

    I have the cassette tape version of Moonwind” which I purchased directly from John Dyson and David Ward-Hunt following their performance at Electronica UK in 1987.

    2009. Michael / Scotland

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