Wellenfeld – Eiswelten


Released: 2023 By MellowJet Records

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01 Eiswelten 08:50
02 Whitout 09:24
03 Snowstorm 06:53
04 Antarctica 08:34
05 Eisschild 10:19
06 Deception Island 04:39
07 Expedition 08:00
08 Qaanaaq 08:37

Fantastic ice worlds. Cool and warm sounds alternate. Deep relaxation. Icy cold. Snow. And then the sun warms your soul. As always, Wellenfeld delivers the soundtrack for such a trip. Always in familiar garb. Always refreshing and a treat for the ears. That’s all you need. Electronic is “Eiswelten” anyway. Actually, the only new thing is that the album comes 100% from Andreas’ Braun pen. Wellenfeld is 2022 muit to a solo project. Hear for yourself the difference.

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