WintherStormer – D.E.S.H.


Released: 2018 By Bajkal Records

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  1. d.e.s.h. [14:06]
  2. Lunger er for unger det er gjeller som gjelder [9:17]
  3. Intermezzo [4:43]
  4. Nitrogen [24:52]

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  1. Sylvain Lupari

    Phew! It takes a lot of understanding oil, maybe even tolerance, in order to bring down the music of this D.E.S.H. deep in our eardrums. Yes, an open mind towards new musical horizons is required to anchor well our ears to this first album of WintherStormer in the last 7 years. I even thought that the Norwegian group had stopped making music! Amputee of his drummer, Geir Marthin Helland left the quartet, the music of D.E.S.H. does not suffer in any way because of a tight complicity between Terje Winther and Erik Stormer on synths, sequencers and other electronic instruments and the guitarist Atle Pakusch Gundersen who also plays the flute, and I even suspect that he has kept his intimacy with the Theremin and the vocoder. Presented as part of a concert in Oslo at the end of October 2018, this fifth opus of WintherStormer displays a fascinating violence which is fragmented between Berlin School style rhythmic monuments and phases of cos m ic rock in a psychedelic Hard Rock envelope that is very particular to the Scandinavian countries and which is in the order of things of the Norwegian band.

    It’s a double rhythm movement of the sequencer which introduces the title-track. The sequences hop from one speaker to another in accordance with the pure rhythms of the Berlin School, while a tasty bass line decorates the structure with a harmonic fluidity. Guitar riffs fall and d.e.s.h.” sinks into a Berlin School heavy

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