WintherStormer – Woodwork


Released: 2007 By Bajkal Records

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  1. Pure analogue forever [15:51]MP3 soundclip of Pure analogue forever [3:00]
  2. Musical equitation extracted from firelogs [17:09]
  3. Engraved [8:02]
  4. Monochrome [35:13]MP3 soundclip of Monochrome [1:35]

70’s style retro

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  1. Glenn Folkvord

    Four musicians make up this Norwegian band; Terje Winther (synths and electronics), Erik Stormer (synths and electronics), Atle Pakusch Gundersen(guitars and electronics) and Geir Marthin Helland (drums and percussion). Their profile is live performance on analog equipment only, completelywithout computers, but some live, manual programming of sequencers. They have been performing as a band since 2002 (though they are all experienced musicians since the 70s) and Woodwork is their debut album as Wintherstormer. It features 4 long tracks where the shortest is just over 8 minutes.

    The album opens with Pure Analog Forever, a title which describes not only the album but also Wintherstormer as a band. Electronic swooshes, bleeps and plops and gentle percussion form the intro, before a calm and warm bass sequencer slowly fades in to form the structure of the track. Space chords and live improvised leads fill in, and the track ends with the sequencer, percussion and lead going haywire until they all end abruptly, like a controlled improvised session.
    The second track Musical Equitation Extracted From Firelogs, is more of an ambient sound-sculpture track with only a slow-ish 4-step sequencer coming in halfway as the typical Berlin School element. Not a sequencer fest by any means, but in stead a mysterious and fantasy movie soundtrack-like dream painting” of vocoder voices

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