Witchcraft – As I hide


Released: 1995 By AD Music

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  1. Mindfire Wish [5:42]
  2. Open Ways [4:35]
  3. Liquid Air [1:51]
  4. X-Position [3:07]
  5. Absentia [1:35]
  6. Return To Me [4:33]
  7. Invocation [1:29]
  8. Iridescent [5:33]
  9. We Rest [4:22]MP3 soundclip of We rest [2:58]
  10. Cathedral [5:03]
  11. Love On A Battleship [3:37]

Distorted voices, hypnotic rhythms

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2 reviews for Witchcraft – As I hide

  1. Isidoro Baltazar / Italia

    Um, I don’t have a Dutch review, but I do have a chocolate review. Will that do? Ok, I have one beef: What gives with Stacy getting no credit for vocals?
    That is clearly her on the sample included.

    2004. Isidoro Baltazar / Italia

  2. Dan

    Great CD.
    We Rest is one of my all time favorite come down songs. I had a copy for years that must have been the first indy release (blue triangle records?) but it was damaged a couple of years ago.
    Anyway its solid overall with some great moments. A few songs have some sounds that were cheesy even then but I seem to remember being the only on annoyed by them.
    I was playing a lot of Marathon at the time and it uses the same owl or loon sample and it just drove me nuts.
    Buy the CD, enjoy, thank me later.

    2004. Dan

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