Yarek – Berlin Ratusz


Released: 2014 By Ziemowit Poniatowski

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  1. Minaret [9:03]
  2. Ultrabas [4:37]
  3. Black Water [6:19]
  4. Carima [4:19]
  5. Dream [4:09]
  6. Ocean [4:27]
  7. Imagination [4:33]
  8. Moon Walk [2:53]
  9. Nostalgia [4:29]
  10. Serce Lasu [4:24]

Pumping sequencers, ambient passages and cosmic murkiness Recorded during the Ricochet Gathering of 2010.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synthsequences.blogspot.ca

    Here is the perfect example of an album that it is necessary to listen carefully before throwing it to stinging nettles. Not that Berlin Ratusz is difficult to access. Quite the opposite. Faithful to his style, Jaroslaw Degrski proposes a wide musical range with a vision of a more balanced electronica which bubbles in a delicate hint of Berlin School with these floating synth layers which interlace in delicate orchestral arrangements and huge trolls’ rustles. And when the whole thing is tinted by dreamlike aromas of the world of Aladdin, it can only give a result that surpasses the expected. We loved Last Train to Berlin? We shall like this album which doubtless has draw the main lines.

    And that starts on hubcaps. A mixture of breaths and hummings, which remind the uncomfortable tones of gigantic Trolls on a foot of war, sweep the introduction of Minaret”. The chirpings of a line of sequences with organic ions are deeply oscillating. One would say a strange ride in unreal territories. Especially with these Gregorian voices layers and these vampiric waves which crisscross and wrap a rhythm which takes more and more tonus with the addition of big nasal riffs and electronic percussions which couple their strikings to a troop of flickering sequences. The rhythm is heavy and incisive. Very just like what we shall hear on Berlin Ratusz

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