Yarek & friends – Spirits of the dust


Released: 2010 By Ziemowit Poniatowski

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  1. MinaretMP3 soundclip of Minaret [0:29]
  2. Ariv El Poss
  3. Caravan
  4. Carima
  5. UltrabasMP3 soundclip of Ultrabas [0:29]
  6. Dance in the rain
  7. Allachtears
  8. Black watersMP3 soundclip of Black waters [0:29]
  9. Moon eclipse

Brilliant puzzle of moods, inviting you to take an astounding journey

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  1. Igor Wroblewski

    Yarek (Jaroslaw Degorski) is a well-known composer and performer in the electronic music metier; the label released already two albums signed by this artist: Noc na zamku” (“A Night at the Castle”) and “Organix”. This time Yarek decided to dust off his oldest electronic pieces

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