Yellow Magic Orchestra – Solid state survivor (Japan)


Released: 2015 By Four Life
Condition: Unreleased
Expected: May 8 2015

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  1. Technopolis [4:15]
  2. Absolute Ego dance [4:38]
  3. Rydeen [4:27]
  4. Castalia [3:30]
  5. Behind the mask [3:37]
  6. Day tripper [2:41]
  7. Insomnia [4:59]
  8. Solid state survivor [3:56]MP3 soundclip of Solid state survivor [3:00]

Release date 8-5-2015

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2 reviews for Yellow Magic Orchestra – Solid state survivor (Japan)

  1. Ivar de Vries

    The second YMO album continues the style of the first. Plenty of fun to be had although Castalia is the first sort of serious track presented. The front cover shows the band in Red Army costumes having a drink with a chairman Mao-type character and what looks like a call-girl, who on the back cover reveal themselves to be a pair of dolls ! (There exists a heavy-metal YMO tribute album whose cover parodies this one). It remains unclear what this has to do with the music which is anyway quite good – Absolute Ego Dance must have done well in Tokyo discos and Behind the Mask is an absolutely great track (Ryuichi Sakamoto later (1985) made this into a rock-song with Bernard Fowler). The only mishap is the Beatles-cover Day Tripper which doesnt come near the original.

    YMO took both this and the previous first album on a world-wide tour in 1979 and an album like Faker Holic contains quite agreeable live-versions of all these tracks.

    1999. Ivar de Vries

  2. Jorge Repolles / Spain

    I am happy to see that ‘Solid State Survivor’ is available again. I have listened it lots and lots of times, and I think it is relaxing and very good techno-pop music. ‘BGM’ can be my favorite YMO‘s album, but this one has basic songs, as ‘Castalia’, ‘Solid State Survivor’ or ‘Rydeen’.
    The best of that album is that is completely electronic, as in the ‘Fakerholic’ versions, the electric guitar can annoy me in some moments. Enjoy these pure keyboard-based music!!

    2003. Jorge Repolles / Spain

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