Yellow Magic Orchestra – Technodelic (Japan)


Released: 1981 By Sony

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  1. Pure Jam [4:30]
  2. Neue Tanz [4:58]
  3. Stairs [4:18]
  4. Seoul music [4:46]
  5. Light in darkness [3:40]
  6. Taiso [4:21]
  7. Gradated grey [5:33]
  8. Key [4:32]
  9. Prologue [2:31]
  10. Epilogue [4:21]

Inspired by Kraftwerk. Japan import. remastered

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3 reviews for Yellow Magic Orchestra – Technodelic (Japan)

  1. Ivar de Vries

    Technodelic, recorded straight after BGM, continues the style set forth on that predecessor, which means heavy rhythms and much experimentation. It starts off with four bleak industrial pieces before some harmony is injected in the very sophisticated Light in Darkness and the only track which comes close to being a conventional song, Taiso (with strange semaphone-commentary – theres plenty of voice-effects on the whole album).
    It ends with two great slow clock-work pieces which are really just one piece and, as a result, not really a Prologue or Epilogue to anything (typical YMO joke). This is an album for connoisseurs and requires repeated listening to be appreciated.

    1999. Ivar de Vries

  2. Kees Aerts / Groove Unlimited

    Technodelic is the first LP I bought from YMO and up to now it’s still my absolute favorite! The complete CD has an ambient/cold feeling which brings back the atmosphere of the early Kraftwerk music.

    1999. Kees Aerts / Groove Unlimited

  3. Axe Kooi / The Netherlands

    Technodelic is one of the true gems of electronic music. This album is engineered very subtle and all the tracks have been composed with great detail. It’s electro with a touch of new romanticism and never over the top. Very mature music.

    2004. Axe Kooi / The Netherlands

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