Yog Sothoth – Prehistoric Dawn


Released: 2012 By Wilkes

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  1. Rise of Cthulhu [6:10]
  2. Ready for Take-Off [5:53]
  3. Dreams of Mystery [5:23]
  4. Gates of Ishtar [5:27]
  5. Flights in Space [5:35]
  6. Legend of Lemuria [6:27]
  7. Cosmic Movements [4:47]
  8. Twilight Moves [9:40]
  9. Lost Paradise of Nan Madol [11:30]
  10. Beyond the Horizon [10:34]
  11. Prehistoric Dawn [8:16]

From the best new comer of 2012 according to the German Scahllwende fans!! Great music from Michael Wilkes

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1 review for Yog Sothoth – Prehistoric Dawn

  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com

    Admit that with an award from Schallwelle for the best newcomer of 2011, Yog Sothoth has what it needs to kindle the curiosity. And in this case, curiosity kills the ears instead of the cat! A Michael Wilkes’ musical project, Yog Sothoth possesses of its mythical name only all of the energy of a parallel universe in continual anarchy. Close friend of Axel Stupplich, the music of Yog Sothoth (to say the least on Prehistoric Dawn) caresses none of its influence, except that a discreet filet for the New Berlin School. More influenced by Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk, as well as the synth-pop movement of the 90s, Michael Wilkes frees his creative ardour on a first album that rock the universe…and not just a bit of it! Prehistoric Dawn is the history of 11 extremely powerful tracks where the heavy and hammering techno, the up-tempo, the acid-beat, the electronic rock and punk are of distant cousins denied by the synth-pop and by Berlin School.

    A delicate morphic veil ambered of fragile wandering chords opens the intro of Rise of Cthulhu”. This brief atmospheric episode will be the only one of Prehistoric Dawn which discolors the walls and lifts the slats of floor with a first heavy rhythm which runs at full speed. Sequences and percussions jump up and down of hyper-jerky movements

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