Zanov – Lost in the Future


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1 – Quantum World 8:41
2 – Conscious Machines 4:19
3 – Brain to Brain 7:58
4 – Extended Life 6:27
5 – Living With Robots 5:00
6 – Interstellar Travel 7:07
7 – Time Manipulation 5:22

Zanov is one of the first musicians to innovate in the world of electronic
music in France. His musical personality was formed by a combination
of his scientific training, his obsession with imagining the distant
future and his refusal of the musical constraints of the past.
In 1975 he discovered the Synthesizer and created his home studio with legendary

He produces 3 albums and gives several concerts, sharing his time with his job
as a computer engineer and is recognized for his already very personal musical universe.
After a 30-year hiatus, he resumed his passion in 2014, equipping himself with modern
synthesisers and composing new albums. He creates all his sounds according to
his emotions, paying particular attention to their combination and their evolution.
He composes music that is both simple and complex, ordered and unpredictable,
from which beauty, emotions and surprises emerge on the edge of chaos.

And now 2023, at the dawn of his 76th birthday, a 7th album is released LOST IN THE
FUTURE, which is the musical translation of his questioning about the future. This new
album reflects the convergence of technological advancements and human experience,
creating a captivating fusion of futuristic sounds and melodic elements. It suggests
a sense of adventure, uncertainty and the enigmatic nature of what lies ahead.

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