Zanov – Moebius

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Released: 2017 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Moebius 256 [2:56]
  2. Moebius 301 [3:01]
  3. Enygma [2:55]
  4. Plenitude [12:16]
  5. An [18:50]
  6. Moebius 256 full version [6:56]

The third re-release by Groove from the classics of Zanov !

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  1. Alain Lamri / France

    Zanov is one of my French favourite musicians. In the ’70’s, with fewer means and advertising than a JMJ, he knew create an original musical universe and showed a real sound identity. ZANOV is a sound designer, a kind of these sonic engineers who have the talent to develop his music out of his own sonic devices. If you like Gerd WIENEKAMP (RAINBOW SERPENT) and electronic music with mechanical echoes or, like me, you like the old analog sounds (with brave old sequence” like said SCHULZE)

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