E-News 1311 February 18th 2023
Hello all.

Here a new E-News. 
And we start with a question, normally we send out E-News on Sunday. And I am planning to change it to another day. What would be your perfect day to get out weekly newsletter.
If you have any thoughts on this matter just let me know.

And we start of this E-News with 2 new Groove Unlimited releases that came in.
And as you know as of now every CD purchase comes with a free download of the album so you can listen to it right away!! 
(all new releases have it from the GR250 upward the others will be added soon!)
GR-343 / Tronestam, Johan – Cosmic Drama II
(CD purchase with free download)

Now available as CD/FLAC/MP3
And on Bandcamp:

GR-342 / Skoulaman & Stephan Whitlan – Flight 433106
(CD purchase with free download)

their E-Live performance from the 12th of November 2022.
Now available as CD/FLAC/MP3

And Christian Richet has given us a nice insight in his making fo 
GR-340 / Christian Richet – Life is but a dream
(CD purchase with free download)

I play a lot of “legendary” DX 7/ D 50/ P600 /PPG Wave 2/ Moog Source and also M3R Korg/ X3 Korg synths and more and more virtual synths (Halion, Absynth 5, FM 8, Kontakt.. .) with thousands of sounds available but the problem is to find the one that corresponds to the piece created… For ” Life is but a dream ” I often start like for my other CDs with a short piece that catches the eye rather than starting by an atmosphere that takes time and if ever the CD is listened to, the listener must be quickly captivated. Then a sequenced and positive track “Sansucy” (and a pun in French “sans souci” “without worry”!…) will be followed by “Apache” with precisely its Indian side and a more difficult track”Vrilloum” with a noisy side and cuts which I like to do on certain songs rather than leaving all the time on repetitive loops) . The centerpiece of the CD is “The house of my dreams”(the absolute opposite of Vrilloum!), the inspiration for which came to me with a sound(on the fabulous D 50 !) found by chance that reminded me of a person who was sleeping…and it was gone for almost 30 minutes… Good listening and have sweet dreams!?…

Now available as CD/FLAC/MP3

And soon to be released
Expected March 17th 2023.

And we have more nice releases down the line from Gert Emmens / Paul Ellis etc so it is going to be an exciting year!!

And we have a new Dreamscape radio ready for you.
It will be online later today!!
  New Releases in the catalog! Peter Mergener – New Horizons https://www.groove.nl/shop/peter-mergener-new-horizons/?v=796834e7a283

Peter Mergener is back with a brilliant Berlin School album.
When Lambert Ringlage (Spheric Music) heard the music for the first time, it was clear that he had to make an effort to release it: “The best thing I’ve heard from Peter in years!”
Peter Mergener became known in the 80s through the IC albums under the formations “Mergener/Weisser” and “Software”. After Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, Mergener was the “next generation” of the Berlin School and enjoyed great popularity with “Electronic Universe” and “Phancyful Fire”. After numerous stylistically different publications on various labels, it became quieter around Peter. All the more pleasing that Peter used the time to produce another first-class electronic album. Harmonic choral surfaces create a deep atmosphere from which hypnotic sequences gradually emerge, become denser and rise to a top Berlin School track. Compositionally flowing with sensitivity, incorporating stylistic elements of a Klaus Schulzes, Tangerine Dreams and also atmos known from Software, a varied, homogeneous album has been created. Wonderful for dreaming and drifting away. Spheric Music is proud to publish this album. New copies of these sought after items are due to come in this week.
So if you want to be sure to get a copy of the ones you want order them now because we never know if we get new ones in soon!!

The vinyl version of Tangerine Dream – Three O’Clock High


Edgar Froese – Aqua (Black Friday Record Store Day

Tangerine Dream – Strange Behavior
https://www.groove.nl/shop/tangerine-dream-strange-behavior/?v=796834e7a283 Upcomming events and concerts We have a new date that you should put in your agenda.
And although it is in my home town Best I am NOT! the organizer.
But you can mail me for more information.
And if you are on Facebook! Check this link

Dutch Electronic Masters Music Festival 2
Date: Saturday, August 26, 2023

Doors: 1:00 PM, Start: 2:00 PM, Expected End: 10:00 PM
Admission: €15,-

Foundation ‘t Tejaterke
Max de Bossustraat 1
5684 CG Best

This time again with four bands/musicians who will perform in the following order:

• Electronic Machine
• Feralia Planitia
• Ron Boots
• The People’s Republic of Europe

Presale tickets available via:

and – if not yet fully booked – at the box office. We do not send tickets, these are ready for you at the box office. Please bring the confirmation email as proof.

And next month we have:

The 2 day Antenna festival concert on the March 24th and 25th Day.
Rob and me are really looking forward to play there!!
A great teaser video is now online
thanks to Johan de Paepe for this!! 

Take a look at the site and come and enjoy unique music!
Grab a weekend of Musical Evergem and visit the wonderful city of Gent !!

Tickets available on line.

E-Day 2023 – 20th of May in the CKE in Eindhoven!!
Already 100 Tickets sold!!

Start 13.00 (Doors open at 12.00)
CKE – Eindhoven – The Netherlands

Yes!! we have the full programm. And what a stage we have set for you
– Erik Wøllo
– Beyond Berlin (Martin Peters and Rene de Bakker)
– Martin Stürtzer
– Bernd Michael Land

And on the Foyer stage the great Dutch synthesist.
– Gert Blokzijl

Ticketsales started this week.
30 Euro
Easiest way is our new webshop / go to!
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