E-News 1314 March 18th 2023 Welcome to this new E-News.

Saturday March 25 Day 2 of the Antenna festival.
For those wo come if you pre-order CDs that we can bring a long we have a 10% discount!!
This is for ALL products in the Groove Catalog!!

So get tickets and book that weekend Gent!! It will be woth it!
In addition to a variety of Belgian Artists and labels,
Rob Papen and my person will give a concert.
But it already starts on Friday, the first day of the festival.
Take a look at the site and come and enjoy unique music!
Grab a weekend of Musical Evergem and visit the wonderful city of Gent !!

Friday, March 24, 2023
Cultural Center Evergem
Weststraat 31A, 9940 Sleidinge – Evergem
Saturday March 25, 2023
‘t Klokhuis Sleidinge
Weststraat 31A, 9940 Sleidinge – Evergem

Tickets available at:
https://www.antennafestival.be/blank-5-1-2-1 NEW in the Catalog!! GR-344 – Gert Emmens – Mysteries of Dawn

From the Groovesite. (CD comes with free download!!)

From Bandcamp: 

The music was composed, played and recorded by Gert Emmens from November 2021 till April 2022 in Studio Gert Emmens in Ede, Netherlands.
Mixed May 2022 and mastered November 2022 by Gert Emmens
with the exception of Until we meet again (for Anton): composed, played,
mixed and mastered late December 2022.
Photo’s: Shutterstock, except the photo’s on the discs (by Gert Emmens)
Artwork: Gert Emmens Sequencers and modulars custom made by JvR, www.josvanras.com

Many thanks: Ron Boots, Ruud Heij, Laila Quraishi, Jos van Ras About the two dedicated tracks:
CD1 track 05 Until we meet again (for Anton)
Anton was the father of my ex-wife, therefore my ex-father-in-law and the grandfather of my son. He passed away on December 18, 2022 after a long period of suffering.

Many beautiful memories will remain, and he’s in my heart forever, with love. CD2 track 06: The final dawn (for Hans Moret)
Hans Moret was the host of a Dutch radio show playing electronic music.
Through the years we became more and more friendly and close with eachother.

During the last period of his life, Hans suffered from pancreatic cancer.
After he told me there was no hope anymore and he would spend his remaining time in a hospice,
I composed this track for him in different versions and let him decide which version of it would be on this album. Eighteen days later, on April 12 2022, Hans passed away.

The music was played at his funeral. www.gertemmens.com Tangerine Dream – Three O’Clock High (High Blue Vinyl LP)

Side A:
It’s Jerry’s Day Today 0:44
46-32-15 0:47
No Detention 1:04
Any School Bully Will Do 0:33
Go To The Head Of The Class 3:12
Sit 0:47
The Fight 2:36
Jerry’s Decisions 4:28
The Fight Is On 4:42
Paper 1:28

Side B:
Big Bright Brass Knuckles 1:19
Buying Paper Like It’s Going Out Of Style 1:38
Dangerous Trend 0:54
Who’s Chasing Who 0:59
Bonding By Candlelight 1:35
You’ll Never Believe It 2:20
Starting The Day Off Right 1:16
Weak At The Knees 2:34
Kill Him (The Football Dummy) 1:04
Not So Quiet In The Library / Get Lost In A Crowd 1:36
Something To Remember Me By 4:13
Arrival 2:10

  Three O’Clock High was an offbeat take on the ’80s high school comedy. Stylishly directed by Phil Joanou (U2’s Rattle and Hum, State of Grace, Final Analysis), the film is more Scorsese than John Hughes, starring Casey Siemaszko as a nerd forced into an afterschool rumble with a psychopath bully, played by Richard Tyson. The film became a cult hit on home video, and is helped enormously by its moody, dynamic, pulsating score by German synthpop legends Tangerine Dream (Sorcerer, Thief, Risky Business). Director Joanou was desperate for the band to score the film and was overjoyed when they agreed: “The Berlin sessions with Edgar Froese and Paul Haslinger were a (tangerine) dream come true,” he writes in new liner notes for this release. “At their studio next to the Berlin Wall, we worked for several weeks crafting each cue… The things they could coax out of a keyboard, as well as guitars, bass, and drums, were just incredible. I was blown away.” Out of circulation for decades, Three O’Clock High is presented in remastered form for this long overdue release, with Tangerine Dream’s 15 tracks supplemented by additional music by Sylvester Levay (when the filmmakers needed more cues and couldn’t afford to return to Berlin) and the prominent song by Jim Walker, “Something to Remember Me By.
E-Day 2023 Just 8 weeks from now we have E-Day 2023and we already sold over 125 tickets! 
That is awesome and it looks like the programm hit a sweet spot!
Just 100 Tickets left!!

Start 13.00 (Doors open at 12.00)
CKE – Eindhoven – The Netherlands

Yes!! we have the full programm. And what a stage we have set for you
– Erik Wøllo
– Beyond Berlin (Martin Peters and Rene de Bakker)
– Martin Stürtzer
– Bernd Michael Land

And on the Foyer stage the great Dutch synthesist.
– Gert Blokzijl

Ticketsales here don’t miss out!!
Easiest way is our new webshop / go to!
30 Euro

And we have a new Dreamscape radio ready for you on Sunday morning the 19th

Thanks for the time

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Copyright © 2023 Groove Unlimited, All rights reserved.