E-News 1316 March 30th 2023 Welcome to this early E-News.
This will be a long one!! (let me know if it is to 
We will be away on a small weekend from tomorrow, Monday we will be sending off new parcel. But to make it worth your while to wait we have a whole catalog discount of 10%!!

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And regarding the Tickets we only have 80 left!! 
And we only have 7 week until we have E-Day 2023!

Lot’s of new releases in the catalog!
On the main page you can always follow the latest new entries and just scroll down and at times even go to page 2 of this because we are entering new titles daily!!

So here we go!! One of my all time favorite musicians is Cosmic Ground.Dirk Jan Müller is a master of creating the perfect feeling of the 70’s Berlin School in sound and music.
With the use of analog modular synthesizers and sequencers, vocoder, rhodes, farfisa organs, mellotron, syntorchestra, solina, farfisa professional piano, guitar, bass, samples, field recording, revox he creates soundscapes that are brilliant if you like the early TD and Schulze vibe. I love it and now we have 2 new releases by him that are now in stock!!

Cosmic Ground – Entropy

A new album that is absolutely brilliant!! 

And Cosmic Ground – Soil 3

This was first a download only but now available as Factory pressed CD!! conclusion of the soil trilogy. recorded 2020/2021.
low and dirty analogue sounds, very early 70s style with muddy and subtle rhythms The details of the sounds are deep in the mix, so you will have very different listening experiences if you play this loud, with headphones or quiet in the background, all possible… released July 23, 2021 Dirk Jan Müller: Modular Synthesizers, Guitar, Farfisa Compact, Rhodes, Farfisa Piano, Revox

And we have a 3!! CD box from Chuck van Zyl: Live On Star’s End 2021-2022

Across three discs Live on Star’s End 2021-2022 (196’30”) presents the Chuck van Zyl live to air concerts of 7 February 2021 and 7 August 2022, plus his 26 March 2021 performance for SoundQuest Fest 2021. Each occasion built on the one that came before, and offered meaningful opportunities to advance his craft, further his artistry, and venture into a new sonic frontier.

In discharging audio from electricity works by Chuck van Zyl sing the song of the synthesizer. Searching through the cosmos, as well as his own imagination, he plays in the true spirit of exploration. Each of the realizations documented on Live on Star’s End 2021-2022 builds toward a destination unknown at the outset. Beginning with nothing more than the spark of an idea, the wall outlet powers his instruments, while the logic of improvisation, the force of emotion, and materiality of sound provide the direction and form. This album supposes that the mind is still big, that thoughts are still vast, and offers no option to think small. After a deep listening it will be hard not to hear this strange magic everywhere.

Throughout this epic release we find a machine pulse propelling scales of notes. Radiating with each tight turn into widening arcs of mechanized certainty, sequencer lines solidly motor on. An unconstrained affair, the music winds out in cycling patterns of melodic invention – skipping and echoing with a determined energy. Thoughtful and as tightly coiled as ever, notes fly in and out of the mix, rising and receding in practiced precision. The assembly of tones and textures, somewhere between sonic storm and soothing sigh, stutters, sputters, then whispers a tale of electronic circuits dreaming.

From the sculpted and soft to the ambiguously toned, at times these live sets use negative space to delineate form – placing the listener on intimate terms with the present moment. With an ethereal human harmony hanging gently in the air, a beautiful animation is brought to an often impassive music.

Live on Star’s End 2021-2022 will be difficult to abandon to the background. The coolly controlled concerts conjure a rare dream logic – a kind of beauty which always passes too quickly. Yet, from these monumental acts of invention comes the theme of intimacy. In his unforced experimentation Chuck van Zyl discovers hidden affinities. From the raw and power packed on down to the subtle and dulcet, these works recall the spirit of the Berlin-School – and the charged sparks of an exploratory, voltaic realm.

Limited edition of 300 copies packaged in a six panel wallet.
(Expected in 1st week of April)

V/A – Tone Science Module No.7 Cause and Effect

Tone Science sub-label, from DiN records, continues to explore the world of modular synth music.

Following the success and critical acclaim of the first six Tone Science compilation albums,
DiN label boss Ian Boddy has collated another nine tracks from musicians of varying backgrounds working in the realms of modular synthesis.

One of the things that is so delightful about artists working with modular synthesisers is the sheer variety of styles on show. These instruments more than any other can be personalised for each musician who can then express themselves within their own sonic world.

This volume starts with a pair of beautiful, texturally detailed sequenced tracks “Abalone Vortex”
by Andrea Cichecki and “Tempestarius” by Chris Meyer which form a natural pairing that create a melodic, calm opening.

“Dim Rill” by Rodent enters a more mysterious zone with mesmerising bell like tones that bounce around in the stereo field before yielding to the rising harmonic motif of “Flutter” from Dark Sparkler that promises resolution but ultimately falls back into mystery.

The mid-point of this volume sees Blakmoth take the music sonically into a very deep, dark place with a huge slab of dread that is “Of Ash And Sorrow”. Counterbalancing the first four tracks it sets up the audio space for the remainder of the album.

The next three pieces see a more heavily sequenced space emerge with definite echoes of the Berlin School ethos that was instrumental in inspiring so many modular synth artists. No more so than on “Pareidolia” by Brendan Pollard with its groaning, spring reverb clatter in its opening that gradually coalesces into a throbbing analogue bass line. “Hecataea” by Andrew Ostler and
“A Hopeless Momentum” by James Cigler complete this trio of sequenced tracks with varying layers of complexity and harmonic exploration.

The album floats away into space as it closes with the track “Near Earth” by Jon Palmer. Inspired by the weird and wonderful abstract sounds on the long wave radio band this impressionistic soundscape fades to an eerie signal mournfully calling in the void.

“Tone Science Module No.7 Cause and Effect” continues the journey down the rabbit hole of possibilities and sound worlds inhabited by artists and musicians working in this ever fascinating and varied musical field.

Other new and re- entries I had a nice visit from Kees Aerts last week. We had a great talk about our scene and although he is less visible in the scene he follows it and he gratulate me with the new site! He has cleaned out his attic and from that came a lot of nice items. Especially books from Kraftwerk and Vangelis. And he says Hi to all of you!!

We have entred them in the catalog and many are sought after (i looked at prices on amazon and at times fell of my chair!) So!! Check out the Book section if you are intrested!!
Very special are:

Kraftwerk: From Dusseldorf to the Future (with Love)

And Kraftwerk: Man, Machine and Music Paperback

Many of the books are new!! So check out that book ection!


New Element 4 album by Uwe Saher and Nautilus

Element 4 – Trancefusion
Brainworks 9th Element 4 Album. Melodic Trance Tracks.

Nautilus – A Floating City

Two years after the acclaimed band followed in the footsteps of Captain Nemo beneath the seas with their comeback album, The Mystery Of Waterfalls, Nautilus return to the surface with their eighth studio album, A Floating City.

Based on Jules Verne’s semi-fictional travelogue “A Floating City” (1871), in which the “Great Eastern” sets off from Liverpool on its great voyage to the new world, Nautilus transpose the theme into the bitter reality of the present. The band refines their musical concept on the new album with the same line-up, but with expanded instruments and vocals. Once again, the symbiosis of their influences from the 70s (Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Tangerine Dream) succeeds in creating their own unmistakable style. Ecstatic guitar parts in the finale of the almost 15-minute key track “The Great Eastern”, pulsating psychedelic sequences, highly emotional folk echoes and surprising new facets and twists result in an incredibly varied, intense and highly melodic album with a wonderful flow. Grobschnitt co-founder and mastering expert Eroc, who also contributed a small but effective surprise to the departure of the floating city, once again ensured the good sound. From the very beginning, Nautilus designed their albums based on the great novels of the French visionary Jules Verne.

Mike Oldfield – Space Movie (2CD)

Space Movie – Demo Versions is an album by Mike Oldfield, released in 2019. Space Movie –

Demo Versions includes a.o. the following tracks: “The Orchestral Hergest Ridge Pt 1”, “Ommadawn Pt 1”, “Incantations Pt 3”, “Incantations Pt 4” and more.

A few years back Gonzo released the original soundtrack for Tony Palmer’s “The Space Movie” 1979 documentary by Mike Oldfield. It consisted of consists of the un-edited sountrack (movie commentaries and all) which includes pieces from Oldfield’s released “Tubular Bells”, “Hergest Ridge”, “Ommadawn” and “Portsmouth” and also excerpts from what was Oldfield’s then-new album, “Incantations”. The film also made use of the orchestral arrangements of Oldfield’s first two albums, “The Orchestral Tubular Bells” and notably “The Orchestral Hergest Ridge” (with the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra), which has never been released before. And now… The demos


We have added and re-entred a lot of Mike Oldfield titles.
Mike Oldfield – Two Sides (The Very Best Of Mike Oldfield)

Mike Oldfield – Discovery

Mike Oldfield – Light & Shade (2CD)

Mike Oldfield – Amarok

Mike Oldfield – Tubular bells 2

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Lots of things to check out.
Tomorrow on Friday there will be a new Dreamscape online!!
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