Cosmic Ground – Soil 3


Released: 2023 By Cosmic Ground

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  1. soil 3 (part one) 19:54
  2. soil 3 (part two) 19:04
  3. soil 3 (part three) 18:10
  4. soil 3 (part four) 21:12

This was first a download only but now available as Factory pressed CD!!

conclusion of the soil trilogy. recorded 2020/2021.
low and dirty analogue sounds, very early 70s style with muddy and subtle rhythms

The details of the sounds are deep in the mix, so you will have very different listening experiences if you play this loud, with headphones or quiet in the backround, all possible…

released July 23, 2021

Dirk Jan Müller: Modular Synthesizers, Guitar, Farfisa Compact, Rhodes, Farfisa Piano, Revox


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