E-News 1318 April 14th 2023
Hi EM fans.

Again this week over 300 titles came in stock. 
YMO, Nautilus, Erbe, lot’s of Tangerine Dream, Jarre, Oldfield etc.
They are now all in stock. 

Groove is on it’s way to a 70/75% in stock level of all items in the catalog!! 
So we can faster ship out orders! Keep in mind you can check the stock so
when ever you want your parcel to ship out fast then make an order with the in stock items!

That way we can ship within 24/48 hours.
We try to get out of stock CD’s in asap but it is not doable for me to order 1 or 2 CD’s from many suppliers. To make the prices good normally I need to order 10+ copies of a certain supplier! So keep that in mind if you don’t want to wait to long.

If you want a parcel to ship and have not all items in stock but want us to ship anyway what we have just let us know. And if in the future you want more CDs with the outstanding you can always make a new order and we can transfer older orders that came in to that order!!
We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get that great music!!

And talking about too long, the new SAW CD is suppose to come in now in June.
If you have an order hanging on this one and want us to ship what we have now just mail me!! You can always add more when the SAW – Hydrate comes in.
So here we go. The great titles just came in and are ready to ship!

Stefan Erbe – Genesys 23

This brilliant CD comes also with a free download code so you don’t have to transfer it yourself. Listen to it in this weeks Dreamscape radio!

Chuck van Zyl: Live On Star’s End 2021-2022 (3CD)

An absolute dream of a triple CD set if you are into Berlin School. Chuck created these tracks during live perfornces and they sound sublime. 3 CD’s for less then 21euro!! 
Absolute musical delight. Also in this weeks Dreamscape!!

Nautilus – A Floating City

Two years after the acclaimed band followed in the footsteps of Captain Nemo beneath the seas with their comeback album, The Mystery Of Waterfalls, Nautilus return to the surface with their eighth studio album, A Floating City.
And we have stocked all other Nautilus CD’s again so shop around!!
Also in this weeks Dreamscape!!

Yep we received a lot of TD cds in as nice price.
So all are added to out catalog and are now plenty in stock!!
Have a look around on our offer page!!
Lot’s of great CD’s for less then 10 euros.

Here a small section of the offer pages!! E-Day 2023
E-Day 2023 E-Day 2023 – 20th of May in the CKE in Eindhoven!!

Well in less then 7 weeks we have E-Day 2023 and less then 60 tickets left!!
Next week we will have the time table for this years E-Day!!

Start 13.00 (Doors open at 12.00)
CKE – Eindhoven – The Netherlands

Yes!! we have the full programm. And what a stage we have set for you
– Erik Wøllo
– Beyond Berlin (Martin Peters and Rene de Bakker)
– Martin Stürtzer
– Bernd Michael Land

And on the Foyer stage the great Dutch synthesist.
– Gert Blokzijl

Easiest way is our new webshop / go to!
30 Euro

And we have a new Dreamscape radio ready for you.

Thanks for the time
Ron Boots
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