E-News 1320 April 28th 2023
Hello EM lovers

Here is the newest E-News.

This coming week we will be in Normandy, so mails and orders will be processed after the 4th of May. But to make it worth your while to wait, we have a 10% discount for the whole catalog! So take advantage of this!
Use the code 10%off and it will be deducted on the checkout!
It is valid until the 4th of May 2023.

A great new release that is on it’s way to us.
Brendan Pollard’s  The Zone of Malleable Fears.

The Zone of Malleable Fears is based on a storyboard of ideas that he created many years before, and I wanted to musically interpret those visions.
The resulting compositions have the feel and structure of a soundtrack, with short ambient interludes and sequencer based pieces that encompass repetitive themes and sounds that represent aspects with in the story board.

Berlin school just doesn’t get any better than when Brendan Pollard fires up his machines.
Brilliant sounds and sequences!
Expected 1/2 week of May.

And this week we send out 3 new releases to the factory.
All should be ready for E-Day 2023. (one certainly should be ready 🙂

GR-345 – Paul Ellis – Colour the Mind

A great new album by Paul, very atmospheric and full of Berlin School tracks.
A wonderful new release.
The download if ordered now will be available from week 3 in May.

GR-346 – Beyond Berlin – World gone Mad

A great new release by perhaps the best dutch Berlin School duo.
I am sure we will hear this during their E-Day 2023 performance.
The download if ordered now will be available from week 3 in May.

GR-347 – Rob Papen & Ron Boots – Antenna Live

This will be the free CD for E-Day 2023. But as we print a few more those
who can not come to the E-Day festival will get the chance to get this!
BUT!! Gone is gone so don’t wait to long to get it.

Keep in mind that these new releases from Groove will be available from week 3 of May!
Downloads will also be available then.
  E-Day 2023  E-Day 2023 – held at the CKE – Eindhoven

CKE (CKE, huis voor amateurkunst en cultuureducatie in Eindhoven)
Pastoor Petersstraat 180,
5612 LW Eindhoven

Only 3 weeks from now!!
Tickets are still available (less then 45 left!!).
Easiest way is our new webshop / go to!

And we have the time table for this years E-Day.
(Aprox times!!)

12:00            Bar area open
12:00            Box office open (Day opens)
13:00 / Start concert 1  Foyer Stage / Gerrit Blokzijl
14:00  – 14:15    Door opens (hall) entrance of visitors.
14:15 – 15:15 Concert –  Bernd Michael Land
15:15 – 15:45   Break  
15:45 –  15.55    Door opens (hall) entrance of visitors.
15:55 – 17:00 Concert – Martin Stürtzer 
17:00 – 19:15    Dinner Break 

+- 17:30 / Start concert 2 / Gerrit Blokzijl
19:15 – 19:30    Door opens (hall) entrance of visitors.
19:30 – 20:30 Concert – Beyond Berlin
20:30 – 21:00    Break / Doors open (hall) entrance of visitors.
21:00 – 22:10 – Erik Wøllo 
23:00 End of the day.

30 Euro
But you can also pay per bank transfer / please send your full name with it
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For German
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A new Dreamscape will be online tomorrow morning. (Saturday 29th)

Thanks for the time
Ron Boots
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