E-News 1321 May 6th 2023
Hello All.

Lots of Concert news this week, Tangerine Dream in the US!! 
Dutch masters concert in Best and YES only 2 weeks from now E-day.
So lets get started with this weeks E-News!

E-Day 2023  E-Day 2023 – held at the CKE – Eindhoven

So here we are just 2 weeks from E-Day 2023.
Still time to get those tickets 🙂 if you have not gotten it now.

Last week we put  on line the freebee CD for those who will join us on the 20th of May.
GR-347 – Rob Papen & Ron Boots – Antenna Live

Just a kind reminder that you get this CD FREE when you ordered a tcket for E-Day.
At this moment we still have about 30 tickets left so it looks like that there will be tickets on the day itself at the box office.

Tickets are still available here until Wednesday the 17th!!
Easiest way is our new webshop / go to!

And we expect a lot of guests, to name a few Ian Boddy, David Wright, Stefan Whitlan, The guys from Manikin, Syngate Records, Lambert and I am sure there will be some unexpected guests there to.

And a special offer for Visitors to E-Day 2023 will receive an early bird discount for the Dutch Electronic Masters Music Festival on August 26 in Best.
At the stand of Groove Unlimited there is a list where you can put your name on without obligation. Then you only have to pay 12 euros in cash on August 26 instead of 15 euros.

CKE (CKE, huis voor amateurkunst en cultuureducatie in Eindhoven)
Pastoor Petersstraat 180,
5612 LW Eindhoven

 the time table for this years E-Day.
(Aprox times!!)

12:00            Bar area open
12:00            Box office open (Day opens)
13:00 / Start concert 1  Foyer Stage / Gerrit Blokzijl
14:00  – 14:15    Door opens (hall) entrance of visitors.
14:15 – 15:15 Concert –  Bernd Michael Land
15:15 – 15:45   Break  
15:45 –  15.55    Door opens (hall) entrance of visitors.
15:55 – 17:00 Concert – Martin Stürtzer 
17:00 – 19:15    Dinner Break 

+- 17:30 / Start concert 2 / Gerrit Blokzijl
19:15 – 19:30    Door opens (hall) entrance of visitors.
19:30 – 20:30 Concert – Beyond Berlin
20:30 – 21:00    Break / Doors open (hall) entrance of visitors.
21:00 – 22:10 – Erik Wøllo 
23:00 End of the day.

I am sure we will have a great day !!

  New in the catalog
Ramp – Arp-en-Ciel

On it’s way to us is the new Stefen Parsick release .
Should be in by the end of this week.

“arp-en-ciel” is probably the most up-to-date album i have released in a long while.

admittedly, some bits had already been recorded between january 2018 and july 2020 but the majority of music came into being in early 2022, just before klaus schulze’s passing. obviously, my music had strongly been influenced by schulze’s work — however, i didn’t want to jump the bandwagon and use schulze’s passing as a vehicle to promote my own work. hence, i decided to postpone its release and, instead, published “happy days” first.

when recording the tracks for “ultima ratio”, i thought to myself that it would be great to return to the simplicity of my earliest music, making use of very simple chordal progressions (not that i know any more complicated ones anyway), lots of improvised soloing, very much in the vein of those who inspired me in the late summer of 1988. the album title just came to mind as a pun on the french “arc-en-ciel” as i used mainly arp synthesisers for the first half of the album. quite witty, huh?

the second half of the album is made up of some recordings that date back to april 2000 when cosmic hoffmann and i had spent a lovely morning, walking through a misty forest (we were quite foggy as well but that would be a different story altogether). a subsequent recording session at klaus’ own quasar studio quite nicely absorbed the atmosphere of that morning but, for some reason, the music had remained unused until i re-discovered it by accident. i took some bits from this session and turned them into some rather ambient affair which i think klaus might have liked, too.or most probably not, who knows.

released May 2, 2023

Rudy Adrian – A Walk in the Shadow Garden

1. A Walk in the Shadow Garden – 05:10
2. Clouds Over Fields – 06:07
3. Dawn Redwood – 03:54
4. Hemlock Grove – 04:59
5. Of Mosses and Liverworts – 06:05
6. Maple Glen – 07:46
7. Rising Mist – 06:18
8. Dark Waters – 06:31
9. Perchance to Dream – 08:56
10. Beechwood – 01:29
11. Conversations With A Gardener – 07:26

On A Walk in the Shadow Garden, as on previous albums throughout his career, Spotted Peccary Music artist Rudy Adrian paints sylvan scenes with sound. A percussive trilling on “Dawn Redwood” could be the hammering of a woodpecker’s beak. Glittering chimes evoke light through tangled branches on the track “Hemlock Grove.” Such is the music of nature to Adrian, where these twin passions of a life upon the Earth have been forever forged. Inspired by the sacred environment found when alone in a garden, Adrian planted his own sonic garden for the listener, painting vibrant scenes with electronic textures and chimes as well as acoustic guitar and flute. On the title track, an arpeggiator flutters like insect wings over echoing acoustic guitar chords, as intertwined as bee and blossom. Hear the wind in the panoramic tapestries of “Clouds Over Fields,” see a morning’s silver fog drift down a hillside in the spare piano of “Rising Mist,” see moonlight dapple the waves in the eerie chimes of “Dark Waters.” The eleven compositions here invite exploration without calling attention to themselves. Adrian eschews vocals and even melodies to create an open space for the listener: a companion piece for rest, reading, and walks down winding forest trails. With this release, Rudy Adrian speaks truth in the purest form of Ambient Music. A Walk in the Shadow Garden is testament to this form and to an electronic architect at the height of his powers inviting the listener into his place of peace.

Harald Grosskopf – Oceanheart (ltd. deluxe edition 2 CD)

CD 1:
1. Eve On The Hill
2. While I’m Walking
3. Oceanheart
4. Coming Out
5. Pondicherry Dream
6. Minimal Boogie

CD 2:
1. Eve On The Hill (Ocean Revisited)
2. While I’m Walking (Ocean Revisited)
3. Oceanheart (Ocean Revisited)
4. Coming Out (Ocean Revisited)
5. Pondicherry Dream (Ocean Revisited)
6. Minimal Boogie (Ocean Revisited)

Limited to 500 copies each, with the first record being the original “Oceanheart” album from 1984. The second part “Oceanheart Revisited” is a remix album, created from Harald Grosskopf and Tobias Stock, an electronics engineer and owner of a top-class analogue studio where the new versions of the six “Oceanheart” tracks were created.
Harald Grosskopf is best known as drummer in the band Ashra and for Klaus Schulze (“Moondawn”) and as an electronic musician. Following “Synthesist” (1980, see below), “Oceanheart” was his second solo album. It may sound like a child of the 1980s, but in a compositional sense it is related to the Berliner Schule / Berlin School of the 70’s. The reissue comes with a new artwork and was mastered from the original tapes.

Concert News

Sociaal-Cultureel Centrum ‘t Tejaterke
Za. 26-08-2023 – 14:00 uur

In less than half a year it will be time. As you already know, our Dutch Electronic Masters Music Festival will take place this year in Best near Eindhoven. You can already order tickets via https://www.ticketview.nl/shop/tejaterke?eventID=3886

But there is a second way to get the tickets. You just send an e-mail to harald-gramberg@maghreb.nl and write how many cards you want. You can then easily pay cash at the cash register. The price is always 15 euros, both in advance and at the box office.

And on E-Day you can get the tickets at the Groove stand for only € 12.50!!

Artists that will play there are!

Elektronische Maschine 
Great to see them again!!

The peoples Republic of Europa
The Peoples Republic of Europe. Netherlands. Dutch industrial hardcore/Doomcore band. With some rhythmnic noise influences and experiments into dark ambient .

Feralia Planitia
Scifi and cyberpunk-inspired electro by Feralia Planitia,
one woman project by Simona Dellamorte.

Ron Boots (solo)
I will go back to my roots with a inspired concert by Klaus Schulze.

Now let’s look forward to a beautiful day in Best near Eindhoven, all about good electronic music don’t miss it!!

Tangerine Dream tour dates in the US!!!

Special for our US E-News readers.
Yes TD is doing a tour in the US!!

Sept 08, 2023 – Miami, FL, Miami Beach Bandshell, Tickets
Sept 11, 2023 – Asheville, NC, Orange Peel, Tickets
Sept 12, 2023 – Atlanta, GA, Centre Stage, Tickets
Sept 13, 2023 – Dallas, TX, Ferris Wheelers, Tickets
Sept 14, 2023 – Austin, TX, Empire Garage, Tickets
Sept 16, 2023 – Albuquerque, NM, El Rey, Tickets
Sept 18, 2023 – San Diego, CA, The Magnolia, Tickets
Sept 19, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA, The Vermont, Tickets
Sept 20, 2023 – San Francisco, CA, Regency Ballroom, Tickets
Sept 22, 2023 – Portland, OR, Revolution Hall, Tickets
Sept 24, 2023 – Vancouver, BC, Rickshaw Theatre, Tickets
Sept 25, 2023 – Seattle, WA, The Neptune, Tickets
Sept 27, 2023 – Philadelphia, PA, Keswick Theatre, Tickets
Sept 29, 2023 – Washington, DC, Lincoln Theatre, Tickets
Sept 30, 2023 – Queens, NY, Knockdown Center, Tickets
Okt 1, 2023 – Montreal, PQ, Olympia – Pop Montreal, Tickets
Okt 2, 2023 – Toronto, ON, Opera House, Tickets
Okt 5, 2023 – Chicago, IL, Metro, Tickets

If we have more info we will let you know.
This was E-News, sorry no new Dreamscape this week as we where on a smal holiday!

Thanks for your time
Ron Boots
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