E-News 1326 June 9th 2023

Welcome to a new E-News. 
We have a special Dreamscape for you this week.
Summer is here, a bit more time and why not check Dreamscape where we have a quiz.

10 Musicians / 10 CD titles.
I made an episode with 10 Groove artists and 10 of their CD’s!!
Get them all correct and win a great price!!
Pick any of the CD’s from Groove Unlimited own releases.
The first one can pick 5!! free CD’s.
And each 4 next correct answers by you gives you the choice of 4/3/2/1 CD!!

So mail me the answer asap (ron@groove.nl),
Be first so you can be the biggest winner 🙂
Might be not all will have 10 out of 10 so we will look also at answers that have not all correct! Enjoy this 1.15 hours edition of Dreamscape radio!!
https://dreamscape.groove.nl/ New additions!!
2 new releases from Robert Rich!!
Robert Rich – For Sundays when it Rains

“In a high sonic style they access mysterious influences to form a singular stillness outside the neutrality of basic Ambient Music. Taking the listeners as well as the players into its confidence, this music seems formed over a night of balmy dreams and friendly visitations”
Chuck Van Zyl, Stars’ End

Robert Rich – Traveler’s Cloth

LTD 1000

Travelers’ Cloth (64’40”) finds Robert Rich again discovering, and then following possibilities. Out of an intense creative ferment come nine novel nomadic tracks. Evoking mental pictures, Rich’s is a mind music which enters always through the heart. Executed using the seasoned skill his audience has come to appreciate, he transforms the natural emanations of flute, piano and guitar into something else, something foreign, something more ethereal. Once surrendering to these quietly captivating formations we may feel their beauty and glow. Wherever synthetic sonorities surround groupings of acoustic sounds and instruments, we cross into the land within the artist. Further away, the motive power of trekking drums provides a propulsive, finely detailed drift into myth. As digital samples mix with percussion, and a glissando guitar glides across notes, synthesizer tones respire beneath a distant, heaving atmosphere. The listener, now traveler, dreams over the great distance of imagination, to rest upon timeless textures of timbre. Our thoughts follow this music into a welcoming aural realm of ideas – reprieved briefly from the life sentence of a grinding world. Rendered as a euphoric, many-splendored journey of fleeting moments and sonic pleasures, Travelers’ Cloth revels in the flowing motion associated with living things. Robert Rich’s music has life, has unique and subjective focus, concept, context and point of view. Made in the age of machines, yet fully human, there is plenty here for us to treasure.

– Chuck van Zyl – 4 May 2023

Lyonel Bauchet – Tractatus Lyra-Organismus

Film and media composer Lyonel Bauchet is best known in the electronic music world for his mastery of the Buchla modular synthesiser. Indeed this is the instrument that was in the foreground for his previous two DiN releases, The Secret Society (DiNDDL11) and The Diver (DiN68). However for his third album on the DiN imprint he has eschewed this familiar territory and instead focused on a collection of analogue gear from Soma Laboratory. Their most famous instrument, the Lyra-8, is described by them as an Organismic Synthesiser and certainly has an experimental edge to it. Along with other Soma creations as well as more traditional keyboards and orchestral string textures Bauchet has created a unique and compelling sound world unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

Taking his inspiration from the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by the 20th century Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, Bauchet has morphed the title of this inspirational work into a play on synth words. The titles of the album are taken from sentences in the French translation relating to the seven main aphorisms in the book.

Musically this astonishing album marries the experimental nature of the Soma synths with their grungy lo-fi percussion grooves and swarming, scintillating clouds of texture with the filmic, cinematic world that Bauchet often composes in for his library music work. Delicate piano motifs lead to orchestral crescendos accompanied by a mystical atmosphere of swirling drones and deep soundscapes. This is a true headphone album in that listening via this method will reveal the myriad details and beautiful complicity of this unique album.

Another great release from the DiN label released in a beautiful Digipak CD edition showcasing new and refreshingly different electronic music.
Limited to 300 copies Digipak CD

Space Art – Personal Duty

Release date is July 14th, 2023.
“Personal Duty” is the brand new 2023 album from legendary French pioneers of electronic music, Space Art.

Eagle – Daft Muzak For Radio Stations

Great Dutch music by Arend Westra.

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