E-News 1334 August 19th 2023

Hello all

A lot of new entries again from the batch of bought collection. 
I have added a lot of special sampler CDs from Erdenklang, Invisible Shadows and others!
Check them out because most are only single copies!!

And some nice new releases also in the catalog so check out the new entries here or down in the news letter!! https://www.groove.nl/?v=796834e7a283

And many Cds are now also in stock.

Bernd-Michael Land – Live in Eindhoven 2023
Neuronium – Signature
Baffo Banfi & Matteo Cantaluppi – Frontera
Bernd-Michael Land – Begegnungen
Eloy – Colours
Eloy – Performance
Tangerine Dream – Live In Paris, Palais Des Congrès – March 6th, 1978
Andy Pickford – Xenomorph Companion
Andy Pickford – Xenomorph Upgraded
Mario Schönwälder – The Eye Of The Chameleon
David Wright + Carys – Oracle
P’cock – The IC Years – The Prophet & In ‘cognito

And many more check out the main catalog page!

Next week we have a great festival in my home town.

Sociaal-Cultureel Centrum ‘t Tejaterke
Za. 26-08-2023 – 14:00 uur

The Dutch Electronic Masters Music Festival will take place this year in Best near Eindhoven. You can still order tickets via https://www.ticketview.nl/shop/tejaterke?eventID=3886

Those who come can pick a free CD at the Groove stand we have a nice selction for you to pick CDs! !!

So join us on this great day with performances of.
Elektronische Maschine 
Great to see them again!!

The peoples Republic of Europa
The Peoples Republic of Europe. Netherlands. Dutch industrial hardcore/Doomcore band. With some rhythmic noise influences and experiments into dark ambient .

Feralia Planitia
Scifi and cyberpunk-inspired electro by Feralia Planitia,
one woman project by Simona Dellamorte.

Ron Boots (solo)
I will go back to my roots with a inspired concert by Klaus Schulze.
Now let’s look forward to a beautiful day in Best near Eindhoven, all about good electronic music don’t miss it!!

E-Live 2023 – 14th of October 2023.
So we are down to less then 50 tickets!!
If you wanna come don’t wait to long.

Tickets at

Main act !!
Johannes Schmoelling live on stage
ITER MEUM – mein Weg ( my way ) :
Musik von 1980 – 2022 von Johannes Schmoelling
Video Performance by Andreas Merz.

With the following Artists:
Stefan Erbe
Kontroll Raum / Bas Broekhuis, Frank Rothe and Mario Schönwälder
Darkthorne / Koen Buytaert and Tom Coppens

Foyer concerts by
John Christian

Start 13.00 (Doors open at 12.00)
CKE – Eindhoven – The Netherlands

Sunday we will have a new Dreamscape radio for you NEW ENTRIES!! Bernd-Michael Land – Live in Eindhoven 2023

One of the most fun concerts I ever visited and it was at E-Live 2023!!
A concert recording from May 20th, 2023 from the E-Day Festival at the CKE in Eindhoven.

Neuronium – Signature

1 Wraith Of Faith
2 Jump To Infinity
3 Audiophetamine (Jamais Vu)
4 Psychic Smell
5 Mystykatea (The Ademian Line)
6 Momenta Mirabila
7 One Light-Year Away From You
8 Remoteness
9 In Alien I Trust
10 Orion (Anthem)
11 Life Is Emotion
12 Imaginary Movement 5

Baffo Banfi & Matteo Cantaluppi – Frontera

1 Kalupia
2 Ribjie
3 Fronteravalley
4 Nuovaera
5 Walkavia
6 Blunk_honor

rontEra is the new project of Banfi/Cantaluppi, and the first album of Baffo Banfi after almost 35 years of absence from the scene. Baffo Banfi was a founding member of the progressive rock group “Un Biglietto per l’Inferno”, which split up after only two albums. Meanwhile Banfi published a first 33 rpm entitled “Galaxy My Dear”, of a more electronic and ‘kraut’ kind, and came into contact with the legendary Klaus Schulze, founder of Tangerine Dream, as well as pioneer modern electronic music. Through his label “Innovative Communication”, Schulze produced two of their albums, “Ma, Dolce Vita” (1979) and “Hearth” (1981). After a spell as a sound engineer in the recording studio “La Basilica” (Milano), owned by Mina, Baffo disappeared from the music scenes to devote himself to the world of video production and post-production.

In 2010 he met with producer Matteo Cantaluppi, multi-instrumentalist and a great connoisseur of the European electronic scene of the 70s. In Milan, Cantaluppi opened the recording studio Mono Studio from the ashes of the video production studio of Banfi. From there, a relationship of mutual respect was born, which will result in the album “FrontEra”. “FrontEra”, totally realized in Italy after several years of production, is composed of six long and mainly electronic instrumental tracks. The taste for the melody of Baffo, combined with the productions of Cantaluppi and the presence of strings and wind instruments, provide an imaginary that is Mediterranean at times and sometimes ‘lunar’.

Divine Matrix – Journeys

1 Blue Origin
2 Fast Train to Tokyo
3 Ballooning at Dawn
4 Gliding on Thermals
5 River from Source to Sea
6 One Small Step
7 The Path Less Trodden
8 Walkabout
9 Walking in East Berlin
10 Journeys End

Journeys’ is another masterful electronic music creation by Divine Matrix. This continues the UK synthesist’s unique vision of ambient, electronic space music. From the opening base pulse of ‘Blue Horizon’, with delightful sequences and catchy rhythm, the listener is hooked. ‘Fast Train to Tokyo’ continues to captivate with it glorious rhythm and base. Once again it’s underpinned by memorable sequences driving the track forward. The next three tracks slow things right down, taking the listener into more contemplative, ambient style music. They are no less involving though, and titles like ‘Gliding on Thermals’ and ‘River from Source to Sea’ are as evocative as the titles imply. The tempo picks up again with ‘One small Step’ and the exquisite musical odyssey continues with gentle rhythmic motion through ‘Walkabout’ and ‘A Path Less Trodden’ through to ‘Journeys End’. Each track is a wonderful, colourful vignette that confirms Divine Matrix’s’ status as a purveyor of quality electronic music that is both modern it style and technique, yet which also cleverly recalls the classic 80’s style of Tangerine Dream and other luminaries.

(click on the name and it will take you to the CD.)
  Various – The Quest
Various – Syntonic Waves Vol. 4
Various – Schwingungen – New Age Music, Vol. II
Various – Erdenklang Musik Vol. III – Collector’s Items
Various – Erdenklang Music Vol. II
Various – Gift
V/A – Planets of the Universe 2 (only 1 copy)
Klaus Schulze + Sergius Golowin – Lord Krishna von Goloka
Dreamerproject – Fading Light
Divine Matrix – Sequencer Drift
Divine Matrix – Journeys
Mark Jenkins – In Memoriam KS
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