E-News 1337 – September 16th 2023
Hey fans of Electronic music.

Summer is in it’s last weeks and yes the flood of new releases are on the horizon.
Groove will have some really good new releases lined up and also expect new music from Rob Papen, DIN, AD Music and lots more!!

Next week we will have the new Groove titles online with the new Rob Papen for you for a special pre-order price!! Keep watching the main page https://www.groove.nl/?v=796834e7a283 and you will see them all three at once in a special box offer 🙂

As for E-Live, that is SOLD OUT, no more tickets available. 
We do have some sad news though,.
Tom Coppens of Darkthorne is, due to certain circumstances, not able to join us on this day. So the concert that will open this year’s E-Live will be the project of Koen Buytaert’s “Ghosts in Mirrors”.

This week we will also make a special E-Live news that will be send out on Wednesday of Thursday with lots of info for those who will visit us this day.
About those visitors, one of them will be none other then Jerome Froese who will also have with him his lovely wife Anja. Looking forward to meeting them again 🙂
And keep in mind you don not need tickets to come and visit the day it’s self.
The stall area, Bar and the concerts by John Christian can still be visited and there will be a lot of other musicians for you to talk to and ask stuff 🙂

So enough about E-Live etc and lets get on with the releases and music info’s.
And Sunday there will be a new Dreamscape for you!! NEW RELEASES Here at Groove we have planned a few great new releases for the coming months.
The first release of John Ronald Smith’s Terminus Void is i the planning!
That will be a stunning release trust me!!

A new Awenson is in the making, A new re-release from the vaults of Patrick Kosmos will be out in November and around December I will try to have my new studio album finished just before the Hello 2024 gig in the Bochum planetarium. It has been 4 years since I released a new album so it is about time I started finishing these tracks that in the final stages!!

At the pressing plant at this moment are the first 3 new Groove releases.
They will be in the catalog next week but here you get the first news!

Here is the GR-349
TiRa the Art of Dance – Endless Ambient Part 1

A great new artist Ralf Gülpen with stunning music, great sequencing and sounds. Many will love this release!!

Gert Emmens – city never sleeps.

Gert has made an epic movie score that only needs a movie to complete it. It’s the most evocative Emmens I have ever heard. Shorter tracks, but man, are they alive!! An awesome release.

Ron Boots – Alone on Stage.

The life concert (with some tangenizing) of the Dutch Masters Festival!
If you like Berlin School Sequencing in the Ron Boots style you will love this release!
And although the new Rob Papen CD will be a Rob Papen release, we are still working together, and this week we compiled his brand new release “Waiting” in my studio.
Fans of PERU and NOVA will be amazed by this release!! Brilliant songs and sounds!
Planning is the 14th of October (again! ) and we will have a special pre-release triple package for you with the new Rob, Ron and Gert CD’s !! 

Rob and me in the Dreamscape studio!

NEW CATALOG ENTRIES Vangelis – Live in the 90’s (2 CD Japan)

2 live concerts on this release frommthe grand master that he gave in the 90’s

Disk one
1 – Chariots Of Fire
2 – Spiral
3 – Other Side Of Antarctica
4 – Chung Kuo
5 – Glorianna (Hymn A La Femme)
6 – Pulstar
7 – Mask – Movement 2
8 – Italian Song
9 – Kinematic
10 – Mask – Movement 5
11 – Hymne
Disk 2 
1 – Anthem Of Athens 1997
2- Chariots Of Fire
3 – Conquest Of Paradise
4 – March With Me
5 – Anthem Of Greece / Ending

Kraftwerk – The Fairfield Four UK Broadcast 1975 (2 x Vinyl)

From a live FM broadcast recorded at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, England, 21st September 1975.
Now instock!!

Mike Oldfield – Adventures In Hannover Vol.1 (2 x Vinyl)

A1 Welcome
A2 Taurus I
B1 Sheba
B2 Mirage
B3 Band Introduction

C1 Platinum I-Iv
D1 Tubular Bells Part II
D2 Sailor’s Hornpipe
D3 Conflict

1981 Broadcast Recording
Now instock!!


Mike Oldfield – The Lost Tapes

Now instock!!
Now new instock and ready to ship!!

Black Tape For A Blue Girl – Mesmerized By The Sirens (2CD)

Unto Ashes – Orchids Grew Here

Michel Huygen – Kryptyk

Tangerine Dream – Dead Solid Perfect Copyright © 2023 Groove Unlimited, All rights reserved.