E-News 1339 – September 29th 2023

Hello all.

E-Live discount offer!!
Just 2 weeks to go to E-Live 2023.
And we do have a special discount for people who want to pick up Cds on this day.
You can get a 10% discount on all CDs you pick up there (mind you this does not apply for the already special discounts on some products)

You can do this in 2 ways.
One way is just to order through the website and use the “Direct bank transfer” as payment. This is how it looks on the site!!

But don’t pay!! Do this on E-Live and put in the txt section to us that you want to pick it up at E-Live. Monique will take care of the discount and also to remove the Shipping cost.
That way we can bring it to E-Live for you with the discount!

Or you send us a mail (ron@groove.nl) with what you want us to bring and we will take care of it! You will get a conformation mail about it before E-Live.

You can also order through this way the special 3 CD deal of Gert Emmens/Rob Papen/Ron Boots to be picked up at E-Live for only €35.00 !! (what offer ??)
Well this one !!

Gert Emmens – Rob Papen – Ron Boots / 3 CD offer!!

Gert Emmens – city never sleeps
Gert new Epic music is even more melodic and grandeur. An astonishing album with a fantastic sound.

Rob Papen – Waiting
Well we have been waiting for this release for some years 🙂 And here it is The man behind PERU and NOVA with a new solo album. Great Sequencing with warm melodies and a sound that will blow you away!! Dutch EM at his best.

Ron Boots – Alone on Stage
Ron’s solo concert on the 26th of August during the Dutchmasters festival is a sequencer fest. Dedicated to one of his musical mentors Klaus Schulze this is Berlinschool transformed by Ron in his own style.

All 3 CD’s now for a special pre-order introduction price of only €35.00 instead of the € 44.50 Euro!! Expires on the 13th of October!! 

This concerns a pre-order. Release date is October 14th.
The download link will be active from this date.

So here we go with some new releases!! Enjoy.
And Sunday morning there will be a new Dreamscape radio with in it the new Van Zyl and TiRa releases!!

New in catalog and in stock. Now in stock!


GR-349 / TiRa the Art of Dance – Endless Ambient Part 1 (CD/FLAC/MP3)
With the CD sale you get a direct free MP3 download so you can start listening right away!!

A great new release on Groove by musician Ralf Gülpen’s TiRa the Art of Dance.
Listen to Dreamscape radio this weekend (Sunday will be a new issue on line).
It sounds great and the music is a mix of warm ambient field and great sequencing.
Ralf made a nice introduction video on Facebook!!!

Have a look and enjoy.
I love it (Ron)


Chuck van Zyl – Gwynedd.

A special release by chuck that is limited to only 100 copies and we have 25 of those.
Gone is gone!!

Gwynedd (61:21), the concert album by noted Electronic Musician Chuck van Zyl, presents two tracks. “The Electric Metric” (20:11) and “Mesmerism Mechanism” (41:10) represent his complete performance of 9 April 2022 as part of the continuing series at Gwynedd Friends Meeting Coffee House in Gwynedd, PA.

Loaded with Berlin-School patterns, drifting chords and spacey melodies this concert was attended by a group completely new to the Spacemusic genre and genuinely open to experiencing a unique performance. Moved by the history of the venue, the clear sound system and welcoming listeners, an inspired performance arose over two sets.

As Chuck’s improvisations resolved into a rousing sense of propulsion, decorous creamy synth leads hovered wistfully above the whirling pulse of interlocking, multi-layered sequencer turns – which raced ahead, then diminished into a swirling atonal ether. As energy built out in assemblies of machine precision, ethereal chords and modulated effects lightened the texture and atmosphere of the music.

The occasion provided the opportunity for Chuck to build on a deep list of previous concert experiences and offered a meaningful opportunity to advance his craft, further his artistry, and venture into a new sonic frontier before a receptive, perceptive audience.

From deep space gateways and rising arpeggio runs, to heedless heights of improvisation, on down to its quietly consuming fields, Gwynedd invites the listener to re-experience the wonder of concert music by Chuck van Zyl.

(Limited Edition CDR)


on their way!!


Various Artists – Tone Science Module No.8 Tone Science Live (2CD)https://www.groove.nl/shop/various-artists-tone-science-module-no-8-tone-science-live/?v=796834e7a283

01 TSL Set 1 by Field Lines Cartographer 23:43
02 TSL Set 2 by Nigel Mullaney 27:44
03 TSL Set 3 by Polypores 22:42
04 TSL Set 4 by Ian Boddy 23:58
05 TSL Set 5 by Scanner 28:45
06 TSL Set 6 by Tone Scientists 23:58
Total Time: 151:00

Tone Science sub-label, from DiN records, continues to explore the world of modular synth music.

The first seven volumes on the Tone Science sub-label featured 63 musicians (9 on each album) with varying backgrounds and styles, showcasing the wonderful richness and variety inherent in the world of modular synthesis. The next step was to transfer this concept to a live performance and hence the inaugural Tone Science Live concert, which took place at the Capstone Theatre in Liverpool on the evening of 22nd April 2023.

All five musicians were set up onstage simultaneously and each played solo before joining together at the end. Field Lines Cartographer opened the evening with a beautiful set full of glistening textures and pulsating oscillations. Next came Nigel Mullaney with a more upbeat performance, featuring the famous “Pale Blue Dot” speech from Carl Sagan which seemed very appropriate as the 22nd April was Earth Day. After a short interval, Polypores took to the stage with a breath-taking display of modular synth virtuosity, with him constantly shifting and morphing the myriad sequencer patterns and tones emanating from his modular system. DiN label boss Ian Boddy followed with a sonic trip through four ambient sections, seamlessly mixing minimal ambience with vibrant pulsing sequencers before falling away to a tranquil conclusion. After another short break, Scanner played a stunning set featuring field recordings and disarming vocal samples and building up a monumental industrial rhythm from the simplest of ingredients.

The evening ended in fine style with all five musicians taking to the stage and performing an ambient drone piece inspired by the early American minimalist composers. At the helm was Scanner, mixing and shaping the overall sound of the music as it slowly grew in intensity to fill the hall with a mesmerising wash of tones. A fitting end to what was a fantastic evening of music from five musicians coaxing such varied and beautiful sounds from their small modular systems.

The entire evening is presented as a double CD in a 6-panel Digipak with accompanying 8 page booklet. A must-have album for followers of the Tone Science series.

Release dat is 6/10/2023 (we should have copies on E-Live!!)
Mark Jenkins – Modular Sessions 21: Planet of the Robots

1) FUTURE IMPERFECT (10.00) Fritz Mayr, Intelligentsia, Ro Merium, MJ
2) A ROBOT LULLABY (3.18) MJ with the voice of Eliezer Yudkowsky
3) 800 QUADRILLION BITS (8.22) Wolfgang Schmid, Dave Gate of Hyberus, MJ
4) I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC (4.42) Bert Hülshoff (Phrozenlight), MJ
5) 3 PORTRAITS OF THE ROBOT EMPEROR (6.06) Olivier Briand, MJ
6) OCEAN OF STATISTICAL IMPROBABILITY Pablo Bilbao (Pabellón Sintetico), MJ
7) DROID PARTY: THERE IS A PLANET… (4.58) (Mike) Von Der Kret, MJ
8)…WHERE ROBOTS GET FUNKY (4.49) Phil Thornton, Grant Young, MJ
9) HIVE OF THE NANOBOTS (5.56) MJ, Robert Harrison of Z Machine (sax), Hannah Chappell of Cellistica (cello)
10) THE ZOROME 21MM392 (5.02) MJ, Hervé Picart of Ose Music Factory
11) ROBOTS – TO THE STARS! (10.46) Mathias Grassow, MJ

LTD 100
Issue 21 of the monthly collaborative synthesizer music CD series completes the trilogy started with MS10 “Rise of the Robots” and MS15 “Battle of The Robots”. Eons later, robots dominate the planet under the reign of a Robot Emperor, leaving the chaotic times of the humans far behind. Massive sweeps of synthesizer sound, thrilling sequences and robotic voices picture life on the robot planet, until the urge comes to leave for the stars…

One of the largest casts yet of collaborators from the UK, European, US and South American synth music scenes join in, one creating developing textures, rhythms or sequences while the next adds melodies, abstract sounds or dialog samples. There’s plenty to appeal for lovers of the TANGERINE DREAM “Sessions”, JEAN-MICHEL JARRE, VANGELIS, KRAFTWERK, KLAUS SCHULZE, and even HELDON or JAN HAMMER with touches of electronic jazz and avant-garde classical added by Rob Harrison (of Z Machine) and Hannah Chappell (of Cellistica) guesting on sax and cello.