E-News 1356 – February 10th 2024

Dear friends, followers and supporters,

A lot of nice comments on the freebees we send out with the orders.(we do this until March 1st!!). Each order gets a free gift (A CD!!) with your order, free of charge! And with out making the postage more expensive. Which CD will be a surprise but they will be from the Groove catalog!  (the older releases).

Again a great week with 2 new releases. And at the beginning of March we will have 2 other new releases by Johan Tronestam and Paul Ellis.
And next week something special!! The gr-359!! 
The 50th release from one of the finest and nicest musicians in our scene now on Groove!!

But for now we have 2 new Groove releases that are in. 

GR-360 – Awenson – Faith
Available as CD/FLAC/MP3 and the CD purchase comes with a free MP3 download.

Also available on Bandcamp

gr-357 / Elektronische Maschine – Life goes on
Availabe as CD/FLAC/MP3 and the CD purchase comes with a free MP3 download.

And the new Brainwork is in stock.
Brainwork – The Studio Sessions

On his 24th album he is once again following the popular Berlin School path that we love so much from his Back to the Roots works. Here again sequences and rhythms pleasantly combined with the solo playing of the Moogsounds, as we know them from Schulze on Body Love and Moondawn.

And last call for this nice evening in Germany. (txt in German)
Tickets available until the 15th!!

Schallwelle-Preisverleihung 2024 (German txt)
Noch jemand ohne Ticket? Eintrittskarten für die Preisverleihung gibt es hier im Shop: https://schallwelle-preis.de/ticketliste/

Sie können all diese großartigen Nominierten bei einem schönen Abendessen treffen, bei dem die Preise verliehen werden. Das sollten Sie erleben und dieses Jahr geht der Sonderpreis an den großartigen Musiker Gandalf. Seine Auszeichnung für sein Lebenswerk erhält er von Winfried Trenkel.

More info mail to schallwende@web.de

Later today (Saturday) we will have a new Dreamscape radio online for you.  https://dreamscape.groove.nl/
Thanks for your time.

Ron and Monique.

Schulze CD offers.

We have some nice offers for you from Klaus Schulze.so check these out.
But we have also a lot of other offers for you so also check CD’s for less then 5 Euro’s from great artists!!

Klaus Schulze – Dosburg online – € 10.90

Klaus Schulze – La vie electronique 02 – €13.90

Klaus Schulze – La vie electronique 05 – €13.90

Klaus Schulze – La vie electronique 08 – €13.90

Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook – Dark side of the moog 5/8 box set – €23.90

Klaus Schulze – Ballett 3 – €10.90

Klaus Schulze – Ballett 4 – €10.90

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