E-News 1372 – 8th June 2024

Dear customers, friends, followers and supporters.

The 6th of June is a special day for me since decades.
First off is the fact of the Normandy landings on this day and second is that on precise that day in 1944 Edgar Froese was born. One of the most influential  musicians and people in my life!! So I watched “The longest day” and listened to “Stuntman” and “Aqua”. Wonder how many of you have this day in your calendar (or any other ones).

So no Dreamscape this last week, Sorry about that but my trusty old Windows 7 music PC (2009) died after I installed a few new updated plugins. Nothing started anymore on the music side so I have now a new Win10 that was build by I4Studio and after 3 days of installing all the music software I can make Dreamscape again!! So this week there will be a new Dreamscape radio.

A special message for all about the new DIN release “Portable Reality Generator” (DiN85) by Field Lines Cartographer, I just got this mail from Ian Boddy at the DIN HQ, it is now sold out there.
But don’t worry our friends 7d Media in the States & we here at  Groove Unlimited still have stock but don’t wait to long!! Gone is gone. Listen to this releases this week in Dreamscape.

And the guys and Girl of Elektronische Maschine have been busy.
(the message from Richard de Boer, head honcho of EM)

Hello Music friends and lovers of EBM music. Watch and be surprised by our new video clip with the song Umerziehung (Extended Version) from our new album Life Goes On. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this clip possible.
Elektronische Maschine – Umerziehung
A great video was made of Elektronische Maschine – Umerziehung song.
It looks stunning!!

And the Artists list for E-Live 2024 is now complete!!
And what a program we have for you.

Main stage Artists:
David Wright and Friends
Frank van Bogaert
Pete Challoner
AE van Elst Projects

Foyer concerts by / Tectonia
The tickets are now online and if you can pre-order hem as we can then see if all goes as planned.

The price is €32.00 for the whole day of top notch Electronic Music!! 
So join us and support us! We need days like this for our scene.

S.A.W. Live in Oirschot S.A.W. (Schmoelling/Waters/Ader/Merz) Oirschot/NL
21st of September 2024. / The Enck (now De Stoelendans)
And we have passed the 100 tickets for the S.A.W. concert!

• SAW / Schmoelling/Waters/Ader/Merz (D)
• Gert Emmens & Ron Boots (featuring Harold vd Heijden) (NL)
Don’t miss these epic concerts it is going to be great and in our beloved The Enck in Oirschot.
Tickets available here:

Here a nice promo video from the guys from S.A.W.

So over now to all new things in the catalog.
Thanks for your time.

Monique and Ron.

New in the Catalog

Field Lines Cartographer – Portable Reality Generator

Limited to 333 copies Digipak CD

Mark Burford, aka Field Lines Cartographer, is one of the new generation of musicians crafting original sonic worlds in electronic music using primarily modular synths. He has garnered quite a reputation both for his live performances as well as a series of releases on labels such as Castles In Space, Quiet Details and Woodford Halse. He has also appeared on a couple of the Tone Science albums, most notably Volume 8, which was the Tone Science Live event from last year. Thus the time seemed right to invite Mark to create a long form solo release on the DiN imprint.

What is particularly fascinating is that Burford seems to channel the Kosmische Musik vibe of early Tangerine Dream without actually trying to copy their style. His music just seems to end up in a similar sound world but via a completely different path. In his words; “I’ve always loved how music creates new worlds – imaginary environments you can live in. As a listener you become immersed in a new reality for the duration of an album. Fully enveloped by textures, melodies, harmonies and rhythms, new pictures appear in the minds-eye, new dreams … strange & beautiful landscapes sketched in sound. An alternate, portable reality.”

With a running time of nearly 70 minutes this is exactly what FLC achieves on this beautiful album. From the opening gentle undulations of ‘The Sun In Splendour’ the music is both familiar and yet strangely different. The epic, almost 20 minute piece, ‘Collapsable Mantra’ flirts with Berlin School sequencing but adds something new and fresh to the mix. The music has time and space to gently unfold, to grow organically where texture and harmony become one before finally coming to rest on the shimmering shoreline of the final track ‘Interference Patterns’.

As DiN is celebrating its 25th anniversary it’s really satisfying to be able to give such talented artists as Field Lines Cartographer a platform from which to spread the word about their fine music.

Mark Jenkins – New Inventions For Electric Guitar

With great respect to the genius of the late Manuel Göttsching of Ashra/Ash Ra Tempel, London-based synthesizer composer MARK JENKINS is releasing a CD-only album featuring no synthesizers – “NEW INVENTIONS FOR ELECTRIC GUITAR”. Like Göttsching’s original, and albums by Gunther Schickert and others, the new CD features only electric guitars looped, filtered and processed to take the roles of sequencers, synths and keyboards. Apart from some drums and ambient atmospheric recordings, the album’s created entirely with electric guitars, including a custom-built perspex Strat, and the custom-built SG with Bigsby tremolo featured on the cover, of the type played by Manuel Göttsching on the album “Blackouts”. With more time to spread out than the vinyl release of the original, this new CD also takes in the tape echo and “gliss guitar” styles of Steve Hillage, as well as touching on other experimental guitar techniques used by Robert Fripp, Richard Pinhas, John Martyn and Mike Oldfield. Long tracks build from gliding opening textures to pulsing rhythmic loops and patterns using the latest guitar processing techniques while fitting readily into the “krautrock” tradition of Neu!, Can, La Düsseldorf and Michael Rother. On the epic 19-minute closing track “Nightvisions” you can also hear the E-Bow “infinite sustain” effect alongside the Electrix multi-channel digital looper. CD available through mail order companies and Amazon UK. No download or streaming option. Extracts video at youtu.be/Ee3mGbsph0Q

OSE – Hervé Picart/Mark Jenkins – 1984
https://www.groove.nl/shop/ose-herve-picart-mark-jenkins-1984/?v=796834e7a283 This Anglo-French collaboration between two busy music journalist/composers completes a trilogy inspired by classic books of speculative fiction following “Foucault’s Pendulum” and “3-Body Problem”. Ose formed originally as the duo of Hervé Picart and French electronic music pioneer Richard Pinhas for a single legendary album “Adonia”. Recently Picart revived the name with new releases in the same melodic electronic style. Tracks on “1984” depict the central characters Winston, Julia and their antagonist O’Brien with waves of electronic sound, driving rhythms and dramatic climaxes. There are short callsigns for the Ministries of Love, Truth, Peace and Plenty as well as the chilling “Room 101”. The duo uses hardware and software synthesizers, sequencers and vocoders to create compelling, melodic tracks reminiscent of Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Jan Hammer and The Alan Parsons Project. “1984” and the two earlier Ose collaborations are available through CD mail order specialists and Amazon UK. As with all other releases there is no download or streaming option. Extracts video at youtu.be/x9QE7echpAE
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